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Anyone gone back to the law after a career break/ work for the GLS?

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TheHappyCat Wed 12-Aug-09 21:29:27

Am contemplating my return to work after maternity leave... am a City PSL. I am considering not returning and taking a career break of five years or so (and having one more child). However I wonder if I would be able to get back into law after a break of this length and - because I am not really enjoying what I have been doing - whether anyone has successfully retrained/entered the GLS after taking such time out.
I would love to do Tax, or administrative law even - one attraction of the GLS is that it does seem open to movement within it and between specialities.
Also interested in any experiences of people who've gone back to law in the private sector after a career break, but for some reason I think the GLS may be more open to someone who needs retraining. Is this even right?
I would love to hear thoughts and advice from people who've been there.

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