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Does anyone work as an NVQ Assessor?

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waitingforbetterdays Mon 10-Aug-09 22:50:46

I want to go back to work but not sure what I would do. I am looking into NVQ assessor, does anyone know if there is room for progression within that role?

Also does anyone do this parttime? And if so what is the salary like?

Hawkeyelisa Tue 11-Aug-09 20:41:06

Hi there,
I am planning to move into Assessing NVQs in BIT (Business Improvement Techniques) as I was a consultant in this area before I had my children.
The full time salary is about £20k, so not wonderful. However, I am hoping to do it part-time, as a freelancer, school hours all being well.
It is quite hard to get into, as you have to have the A1 to apply for some jobs, but you can't get the A1 without having access to learners - chicken and egg.
I know that you can progress from an Assessor to a Lead Assessor and then to an IV (Internal Verifier) but maybe someone who has worked in this area can advise you better than I can.
Best of luck.

waitingforbetterdays Tue 11-Aug-09 23:42:51

Thanks for the reply. I have found a company online that will train you so that you get the A1. And it is free to do, so will give them a call and see how it goes... smile

ScaredOfCows Wed 12-Aug-09 07:10:04

Hi waitingforbetterdays,
just seen your thread - which company are you going to be training with? This is something I have looked into before, but not done anything about as I couldn't find anywhere to train without already being in post somewhere.

Hawkeyelisa Wed 12-Aug-09 07:20:01

I would be interested to know that too...
I have managed to make contact with a training company, who, after a bit or persuading, have agreed to let me loose on a couple of their candidates while I get my A1. It was only because they don't have any BIT Assessors on their books at the moment, so hopefully we can both benefit.
I was advised to try local FE colleges, but none seemed to be giving access to learners at the moment.
There should be an easier way to do this?

waitingforbetterdays Wed 12-Aug-09 12:12:47

Are you both ondon? That is one of the requirements in order to train with the company I have spoke to.

I will find the details for you and post them on here. I found them on Gumtree.

Hawkeyelisa Wed 12-Aug-09 12:16:11

Oh that might be why then....
There is a lot of call for Assessors in London, so I guess you are lucky.
I'm in the East Midlands myself.

popsocks Wed 12-Aug-09 12:52:30

hi, i did my assessor training before i had my children. it used to be the D32/D33 before A1. i now work in a care home and only use my assessing there for the other carers taking there NVQs. i dont do it anywhere else, but am thinking of doing so, particularly as i keep seeing ads in our local paper for assessors wanted at the local college for up to £30 an hour. it sure beats the £7 i get per hour now. but i would also need hours to fit in with the kids, which i do have in my current job. i think you should go for it.

waitingforbetterdays Wed 12-Aug-09 19:49:13

Yes I am lucky to have found this comoany that provide training. Hopefully my cv will be upto stratch and they will want to train me. I am at the very early stages of it atthe moment.

popsocks - £30 per hour sounds good to me.... smile

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