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Working from home with children in the house

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fruitstick Sun 09-Aug-09 19:14:25

I'm considering some freelance work which I can do from home. DCs will be 3.5 and 7m.

I was considering a nanny so I would at least be able to have lunch with DCs and I would be 'around' but lots of people have said the nanny will hate it, the children will be upset I'm not giving them attention and I'll get no work done.

Is that true? Can it work? Would a childminder be better?

indiechick Sun 09-Aug-09 19:33:51

I think it could work, is your computer/work stuff in a seperate room. What have been your childcare arrangements so far? Are your children used to something else? I do it one day a week without help and they've pretty much got used to it. DD's 5 and 1. Obviously 1 year old sleeps a lot and 5 year old is generally at school. But I think you could do it.

flowerybeanbag Sun 09-Aug-09 19:44:40

I do this and it's absolutely fine. I am upstairs in my office working out of the way, nanny is in charge of DS. She takes him out everyday usually by about 9-9.30, to a playgroup or something. When they arrive back about 11.30 - 12 ish DS usually wants to come and say hello and tell me what he's been up to, then they go downstairs again, play and get lunch. I pop down to get my lunch usually about 12.30 while he's eating but I don't eat with them as I think that's encroaching on their day too much.

Nanny doesn't hate it as far as I know, in fact I think she likes the fact that for a few minutes each day she gets a bit of adult conversation, as opposed to just 3 minutes handover or something. Obviously if I kept popping down and interrupting, or interfering, she probably would get annoyed, quite rightly, but I stay out of the way and they are out most of the morning anyway.

fruitstick Sun 09-Aug-09 23:14:02

Beanbag, that is exactly what I want it to be like.

DS1 was at nursery before I went on ML. He now goes to preschool every day.

Quite honestly, I like the fact that I don't have to get 2 children out of the house for 8am every day grin

I might interview a few nannies and see how it goes.

Thanks for your insight.

nouveaupauvre Mon 10-Aug-09 22:11:48

it's true some nannies dont like it, either because they think parents will interfere or children wont settle. i work from home very occasionally and when i do it is usually difficult as my ds cant understand why if im home i wont play with him. however that's probably because it is unusual - if this was always the setup he would probably take it for granted that i was around. talk to nannies about it at interview and you will probably find one who has experience of a similar setup and will be willing to do it.

nouveaupauvre Mon 10-Aug-09 22:12:48

oh and meant to add re childminder - if you go for one, taking child to and from them will take time out of your working day that you'd save if you had a nanny. obviously. lot cheaper tho.

naturopath Mon 10-Aug-09 22:30:34

I work from home one day a week but tbh, the nanny doesn't like it when I am around, simply because my ds gets too upset / confused / plays up when I'm around. He pretty much refuses to eat or have his nap, when usually his routine is great and he eats and sleeps with no problems. I get around it by saying I'm going to work (updstairs), then I literally shut myself away in the study until he does out for the morning. When he comes back for lunch etc. I hide myself away in the study and the nanny pretends I am out at work. It's a shame, as I would like to see him more on my day at home, but it's just not worth the upset to his delicately balanced daily routine iyswim.

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