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I would like to be a teaching assistant

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What qualifications do I need and whats the best way to get into this sort of job.

LIZS Thu 06-Aug-09 17:23:55

You don't actually need any particular qualifications. There are several introductory courses and NVQ's but ideally you really need the placement first. Volunteering in a school is one way to get some experience and make contacts. Some areas run their own free taster courses, either funded by LEA and/or charities.

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 06-Aug-09 17:26:46

I got my job with no expereince, decide which age group you want to be with though, secondary can be tougher but I found it much more interesting and more rewarding, especially when one of my students who was predicted F's in his GCSE got D's

Thanks for that. I have enrolled at college to do childrens care learning and developement NVQ level 2 ( I work at a nursery) but have been made redundant last week so have lost my placement and as a result of that I wont be able to do the course. I had thought of asking the head Teacher if I could be a vounteer at the school my children go to and then enroll next september for the course... thats if this particular course is relevent to being a teaching assistant.

Madmentalbint Fri 07-Aug-09 19:37:10

That;s a great idea - although there may be another NVQ which would be more suitable. I have a friend who is doing an NVQ part time which is spesifically for teaching assistants.

I got my job without any formal experience. I was just an active parent helper.

SecretSlattern Fri 07-Aug-09 20:01:30

If you volunteer at the school now, you should still be able to do the CCLD this year. I worked as a TA for the past 6 months but due to borough cut backs, lost my job in July. I don't have any particular TA quals, but I do have the equivalent of the NVQ 3 CCLD (the one before it, Early Years, Care and Education). I would only do the TA course if you are sure that is what you want to do long term. Personally, I would do the CCLD as that opens up other settings other than schools (nursery, children's centres etc).

thanks for the replies. I cant get in touch with any schools at the moment because of the holidays. I love working with children and have previous experience of working with under 2s but would love to work with primary age children and also term time only. I am going to stay voluntary at the nursery but would love to do voluntary work at my childrens school though I cant enquire about that until school opens again. Is it possible to change settings once the CCLD course has started? Or do I have to stay where I start off at?

Sorry I sould explain that when I was told I was being made redundant I asked if I could do the minimum 7 hours I need voluntary so I wouldnt lose my place on the course, which obviously they agreed to. I could be taken back on if things pick up. The other alternative is to have a fresh start volunteering in school which would technicaly mean I change settings during the course (only a couple of weeks into it)

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