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Countdown to return to work/DS to CM - willanyone hold my hand and tell me it will all be okay?

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artifarti Mon 03-Aug-09 06:38:29

That's it really. I go back to work (p/t) next Monday and DS starts with a Childminder. I don't mind going back to work but I'm just concerned that DS (11.5 mo) will settle in okay. He is normally very sociable and confident and the CM thinks he'll be fine. The first settling in session went brilliantly, no tears, didn't want to come home; but then he started teething and so the second session he got very over-tired and upset. We're supposed to have one more full day this week (the first full day) but now that doesn't sound like enough to me, so I don't know whether to talk to the CM about more sessions.

I know to expect some tears but find it so hard and am dreading the next couple of weeks (am also due PMT, which makes me irrational and over-emotional at the best of times!) Has anyone been through all this and is now out the other side? I just feel sick at the thought of it all... sad

artifarti Mon 03-Aug-09 12:41:17

Bumping for the happy working mums sneaking onto MN in their lunch-hour?

pasturesnew Mon 03-Aug-09 12:42:10

Yes, it will be fine, don't worry.

fishie Mon 03-Aug-09 12:50:28

it will be fine, i went back to work when ds was 13m. he only had two settling in sessions with cm and once she'd got the hang of getting him to nap it was all great.

has she got other children? they'll keep him amused. also my cm is very lively so they go out a lot, activity in morning, playground in afternoon etc. ds is 4 now and it is like a second family.

going back to work is really weird, i felt utterly disconnected but it was also rather a nice rest. make sure you schedule in some time for yourself, i have two evenings a week late pick up so i can go for a run.

artifarti Mon 03-Aug-09 13:08:14

Thanks! Yes she has other children and he gets so excited when he has playmates! They go to lots of groups and on trips and all the mindees love her to bits. I think I know it will all be fine but it was just awful having to go and get him early last week because he was so upset. sad It is the napping I worry about because it's when he gets tired, he gets upset but I guess all babies are the same in that way.

Luckily my workmates know what a wuss I am and so they will have prepared my desk with cakes and tissues.

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