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asked my boss for time off to go on hols with family in summer school hols...told NO!!!!

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alypaly Thu 30-Jul-09 15:04:41

MY boss refused to let me have time off in the summer and feb school hols to have a family holiday and and had the audacity to say it was my problem not his, after all i have done for him....Pharmacists.....PIA!!!!!!!!!

So i have resigned and i am goin away
He will now have to find himself a new dispenser,,HA HA

randomtask Thu 30-Jul-09 15:07:24

Erm. You probably should have checked your contract. As long as you let your boss know far enough in advance, he shouldn't be able to argue it (by law)...

alypaly Thu 30-Jul-09 15:10:24

changed his contract after i had been there 2 years and it said u cant take the same time off as any other member off staff and as we have 7 members of staff on 28 days hols ,somewhere they are bound to overlap unless u holiday in jan or nov..
Didnt sign the contract as i didnt agree with and i always fill in 4 everyone else when they are off sick...hate him... ruined my career.

tutu100 Thu 30-Jul-09 15:13:18

I used to get this in the place where I used to work (which was also a pharmacy) at the time I was the only one with no children and so I was told I couldn't have holiday in the 6 weeks as they had to give priority to those with children. Would have been fine with it except I only wanted a week and DP is a teacher so it had to be in the 6 weeks as he has no choice of when he can take his hoilday. Obvously once I had kids I would have benefitted from this rule. Luckily we got a new pharmacist who didn't have kids who told me that as long as I got my holidays dates booked in before anyone had asked for those dates I could have them.

Your resignation hasn't changed his mind then?

islandofsodor Thu 30-Jul-09 15:35:47

Whilst being pretty unreasonable he is perfectly entitled by law to dictate when you take your holidays regardless of how much notice you give.

I can't beleive he would not let you have any time off at a school holiday, surely he can see that he would alienate you completely.

alypaly Thu 30-Jul-09 16:59:33

Believe it or not despite the fact that he drafted me in to work full time on every occasion when he had locums in, as they couldnt or wouldnt operate the computer or order profitably and he also poached me from my previous employer,he has not asked me to stay. .
Had me working single handidly in the dispensary doing up to 500 scripts a day, putting all the daily stock away, answering all the phone queries, as it was beneath him to answer it.... and running the shop when he was away on hols. Hope he can find some other muppet to break their back doing 3 jobs at the same time. The owner even refused to work in the dispensary unless i was in......
hope he can find someone as willing to work so hard, who actually has a genuine interest in the job and pride in her performance.
I know the shop will function without me....but people are leaving that pharmacy left right and is like workin with jekyll and hyde

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