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Do I or don't I?

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CDMforever Wed 22-Jul-09 21:55:31

Am currently a SAHM with 3DC aged 11, 2.9 and 10months. Recently finding staying at home extremely hard, draining, a bit depressing, frustrating, not what I thought it would be. In my previous life I was a teacher and am now wondering whether to do supply starting in September so I can get out of the house, have some adult company and make a little bit of cash. I have a wonderful childminder in place so don't feel worried about this aspect. But I know that if I started I could get drawn into more than just the odd day of supply.
Very torn. Feel like I really want to appreciate this short time with my 2 little ones at home but don't always feel I'm able to do so.
Can anyone else understand this?

jenhden Thu 23-Jul-09 04:55:23

we have 3dd's But my husband only works part time at the moment following illness and surgery and what i've noticed with him is that when he's been at home all day he's ratty by lunch time and though he is a fantastic dad he looks hassled and stressed. When he has been at work he comes in and is so relaxed and patient no matter what is thrown at him.
My oldest girl has actually said she likes work dad best.
He says that its only when he get home that he realises how little they all are - when he's been here for half the week they seem older and naughtier!
If working a bit gives you perspective and helps you manage better when you are at home then go for it!
If you do make sure you set the bounderies of how much you do - you are in control of it and you can only get drawn in if you say Yes - even if you have to decide now what days etc you will or won't work. i.e If you want four days at home then don't negotiate on that ever.

violethill Thu 23-Jul-09 16:43:44

It sounds like a really good idea, especially as you already have your childminder in place. The advantage of supply is that you can call the shots. If you only want to work certain days, or certain schools, then you can just do it!

Nothing to lose, I think. You get the adult company you want, some intellectual stimulus, you're keeping your hand in as you may well want to return to teaching in the future - and you're earning and paying into your pension! Win win!

Greatfun Thu 23-Jul-09 19:40:19

I am in a similar situation but mine is a part time job rather than a temporary arrangement. I go back in September after 2 years out. I have a lovely childminder arranged and have decided to give it until christmas. I love my DCs and for the most part enjoy being with them. But the thought of another long, cold winter indoors leaves me with a shiver down my spine. I find the monotony and isolation the hardest to deal with. I also want to go and buy myself some nice new clothes. smile

wonderingwondering Thu 23-Jul-09 19:49:02

I work p/t and it makes me a better mum. I enjoy the time I have with them much more for having had a break from them. So long as you have good childcare, what's to lose?

And if you have flexibility through supply teaching, then you aren't committing to anything. Just be firm about what you can - do a day or two a week, whatever - and tell your employer you don't have childcare for any more than that.

CDMforever Thu 23-Jul-09 21:12:26

Wow! Thank you all so much for your superb replies. You have all reinforced what I have felt for the past few months. But I also agree that I have to be firm about how much I want to work/not work. Violethill, you've got it in one - I've got nothing to lose!
World of work here I come.........

wonderingwondering Thu 23-Jul-09 21:16:09

Good for you. I felt the same - going up the wall without the stimulation of work. And now things are a good balance. A lot happier house smile. Good luck.

Dysgu Thu 23-Jul-09 21:52:30

I would say go for it. Something else you might want to look into I working a set 1 day a week at any specific school.

I have several friends who do this - to cover either management time or PPA time. It gives you the adult interaction but also means you know what you are walking into each week.

Goodluck in whatever you decide.

CDMforever Fri 24-Jul-09 21:12:59

Dysgu, yes this would be the most ideal scenario for me. Will look into it, thanks.

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