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What on earth could I do?

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alfiemama Mon 13-Jul-09 07:59:17

I really need to some help and advice.
I am currently a SAHM and unsure what to do.
The predicament is, I have an autistic son who is at school about to repeat a year, I also have a son who is about to start nursery. So as every mummy experiences I am in limbo a little about what I could do when I no longer have the babies at home.

I would strugle to go out to the work place, as I do not have a very strong family support network and would have no one to look after the boys in the school holidays and feel I couldnt really utilise a holiday club with ds1.

I also feel if I don't do something, I will go start raving bonkers!!!!

What on earth could I do?
I don't mind having to train to do something

Any help appreciated.

(sorry about any spelling or grammar, ds2 hassling me and school run grin

nickschick Mon 13-Jul-09 08:05:19

Theres lots you could do- you could work in a shop (supermarkets offer staff discount too)you could train as a classroom assistant or be a midday supervisor (all school hours).

You could go to college and retrain.

Ive thought of loads of pt jobs that are possible in school hours such as....

grave clearing
dog walking
barmaid at lunch time

alfiemama Mon 13-Jul-09 08:14:25

Thanks Nickschic, but then want would I do in the school holidays? This is where I come unstuck apart from Teaching assistant.

I think I may give grave clearing a miss grin

Scrumblicious Mon 13-Jul-09 08:15:07

Term time would probably suit you, so anything in a school;

teaching assistant
catering assistant
pre-school worker
school receptionist

Could you go to uni if you wanted to? It wouldn't pay you (unless you did a course with a bursary, like nursing) but it would get you out of the house and you'd get some financial benefits, like council tax reduction etc.

Or I noticed on B&Q's website that they offer term-time only contracts.

Can you work evenings? There are lots of evening jobs around.

alfiemama Mon 13-Jul-09 08:19:16

I agree something in a school would be ideal. I have thought about nurse training as I would have liked to have been a midwife one time over, love anything to do with babies.

Ooh I will have a look at B&Q thanks.

Weekends isnt really an option either, as my ds1 asd is repeating reception and want to do extra work with him in the evenings to help bring him on.

I did think about something to do with sn just not sure what?

angdon Mon 13-Jul-09 08:20:14

Hi , not sure if your interested but i know the Nhs employ WHat is known as Bank staff . This is like an inhouse agency but you decide when to work ? .

I do this as my l one is a handfull and impossible to work fulltime as i was before hand . My OH finds it hard looking after her on his own,

The pay is not bad at all . for instance on a Sunday i can earn 75 pounds for a six hour shift .

This is care work , can be hard but also very rewarding

alfiemama Mon 13-Jul-09 08:23:54

That sounds very interesting, would I not have to work term times then?

I used to work in an old peoples home as a hobby therapist, so could work.

CaraghR Mon 13-Jul-09 14:13:27

Message deleted

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