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Scared about being a full time person again!

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PippiL Fri 10-Jul-09 14:57:16

Just got my 1st full time office based job in 5 years.

After DD1 was born I became a childminder.

This new role is step down from last office job, and only pays enough to cover childcare plus bit extra.

Have wanted and needed for so long to be my own person again, but now its here I'm sh@t scared.

DD going to school and after school club. DS going to nearby nursery. Worried how we will all cope.

claricebeansmum Fri 10-Jul-09 17:20:41

This is when you have to become super organised! Lists, plan and lists plus some back up for emergencies - not only childcare but food in freezer etc.

Stock up on things such as birthday cards & gifts etc so you always have something - stuff like that.

coppola Fri 10-Jul-09 17:23:25

It's great. Plan, internet shop, cleaner/ironing person if you can afford it. I find doing some stuff the night before helps a lot. Recommend choosing school dinners if you aren't already!

MrsMattie Fri 10-Jul-09 17:25:07

I went back to work recently after 4 years as a SAHM. Started part time (for 2 months I was doing 3 days a week, and it WAS a shock to the system) then went up to full time feeling very worried about it - but it's been pretty OK, actually.

I DEFINITELY feel like I've got back to 'being me', and the anxieties about childcare have melted away now I have got a good routine going. Going back to work has also boosted my confidence no end.

There are days when I am tired and struggle to fit everything in, but there were days like that as a SAHM!

All in all - a positive experience. Go for it!

PippiL Sat 11-Jul-09 13:37:27

Oh thank you all so much. Really made me feel better about it.

Cleaner would be great but deff can't afford it.

Thankfully as husband works from home often I can rely on him for some things like gymnastics class once a week for DD and some pick ups etc.

But without generalising about men...I'm not sure how much will actually get done. I think I will still be doing the cooking, cleaning, washing, and all the organising.

You are so right, I need to be making lists and lots of them!

Thanks again

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