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Which job would you choose?

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Scrumblicious Thu 09-Jul-09 21:47:19

Job 1
* 16 hours per week but 6 hours worth of wages would be spent on childcare.
* Day off each week.
* Good training and progression prospects if wanted, and could possibly make a career out of it.

Job 2
* 10 hours per week.
* No childcare needed.
* No day off.
* Some basic training and some progression possible, but not really a career.

My gut feeling is to go for job 1 but it just seems silly to work an extra 6 hours each week for no extra money. Am I being daft?


wrinklytum Thu 09-Jul-09 21:49:30

IF it were me I would take job 1 if looking from a long term perspective.

Scrumblicious Fri 10-Jul-09 06:49:03

Thanks wrinklytum

I don't feel quite so bad knowing someone else would do the same. My DH just can't understand it. I'm going to hand my notice in today. I'm dreading telling my boss!

elliepac Fri 10-Jul-09 06:54:43

I would take the job that has a chance of career progression and think of the future. You will be earning that same as job 2 after childcare but will be investing in your future. SUrely that's worth it?

tattycoram Fri 10-Jul-09 06:55:17

Job 1 definitely. I think a lot of women (myself included) work for pretty much nothing when childcare is factored in, but long term it will pay dividends I am sure

nooka Fri 10-Jul-09 07:00:10

Totally job one. Why line yourself up with a dead end job if there is the opportunity for prospects. Plus the day off will be nice!

Scrumblicious Fri 10-Jul-09 07:47:01

Thank you

I do feel like I'm making the right decision now.

elliepac - I'm going to look at the childcare as an investment now - not a waste

oliviasmama Fri 10-Jul-09 08:39:31

Definately job number 1. Good luck.

Scrumblicious Sat 11-Jul-09 19:23:48

I've taken job 1 - I start a week Monday. Can't wait!

Thanks for your help

violethill Sat 11-Jul-09 19:44:19

Oh well done! Was just going to recommend Job 1. Childcare costs is just something you have to factor in,as someone else said - perfectly normal and worth it for the long term benefits! Good luck!

oliviasmama Sat 11-Jul-09 21:00:36

Congratulations. Good choice. Hope it's great.

elliepac Sun 12-Jul-09 03:13:33

congratulations. Hope you enjoy the job smile

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