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Application forms/ Interviews- need some help...

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Hayls Mon 16-May-05 14:52:34

I'm still frantically trying to find another job but failing miserably. I always manage to get an interview but not the job. My application forms are normally pretty good (dh helps me ) but I clam up and come across as an idiot at the interview. HAd an interview for my dream job this morning but totally blew it.

What do potential employers take into account- both the application form and the interview or is the form only screened to get an interview then a decision made after the interview? Hope that makes sense...

Any tips on good interview techniques? I'm getting so disheartened now, I know I can do these jobs but perform so badly that I put people off

flum Mon 16-May-05 14:56:49

Form usually for screening purposes only.

Try to imagine you are just chatting to a friend. Don't try to impress just be absolutely honest. It means you might not give the 'right' answers but at least you will come across well giving the 'wrong' ones.

Interviews are all about personality, not ability. Interviewers will usually employ the person they get on with best, not the one best qualified.

Newbarnsleygirl Mon 16-May-05 14:59:06

Right before the interview, read through your CV/ application form again and get things clear in your head, also what past experience you've had so your not stuttering and coming across like your nervous.

Lot's of eye contact and smiles goes down well.

beansprout Mon 16-May-05 15:00:37

Depends where you are applying. In the public sector (civil service, local gvt, charities etc) interviews are all about skills and NOT personality. There are strict procedures for equal opportunities recruitment to ensure the candidate with the best skills gets the job, and not the one the panel liked the most.

What sort of jobs are you applying for?

puddle Mon 16-May-05 15:24:38

Did you get some feedback from the company re: why you hadn't been successful? they could give you some pointers.

My top tip would be use examples to illustrate what you are talking about. So for example if the question is about how you work as a part of a team give some examples of the kind of teams you have worked in, what your role was, what you enjoyed, what worked well, what you might do differently next time etc.

Go through the job description and try and work out what the questions might be. In my experience we ask about technical abilities (eg anything specific you might need to know to do the role) , more generic skills eg working in a team, working on your own initiative, and some questions that might give us a clue to working style/ how you'd fit in to the organisation. Practice answering questions out loud - get someone to help you by playing interviewer. It really does help.

If you are enthusiastic and have done some research into the company you are applying for (which you can demonstrate when they ask if you have any questions for them) it always goes down well.

Finally - remember the generally the interviewer isn't trying to trip you up. They genuinely want you to be the person they have been looking for to fill that job.

Hayls Mon 16-May-05 15:27:49

I'm mainly applying for youth or community type work, some education/training roles (so local council/charities). The interview today was really strange- they asked about specific examples to do with the post, e.g. how I'd do xyz but I didn't have much info on the precise job role (its a new post) so I had to ask them to explain what xyz involved before I could answer how I'd do it. I'm used to being asked to talk about my previous experiences and what skills I've got but these questions weren't geared towards this at all. I just didn't go down well at all and I'm sooo gutted.

I read through my application form before I go in and prepare answers for the most common questions (equal opps, team working etc), try wmiling and eye contact (again, come across as an idiot) but I think it's just my nerves that let me down. today's job would have involved doing presentaions in front of school assemblies so maybe it's a good thing I blew it if I can't cope with a 3 person interview panel

Thanks for the advice. I was hoping that the final decision was based on both the form and the interview so looks liek I'm terminally unemployed!

Hayls Mon 16-May-05 15:29:06

Puddle, I haven't been told I haven't got the job yet but when I am I will definitely ask for some feedback. I normally can't face hearing it but this time I will

bambino1 Mon 16-May-05 21:42:05

Hayls i am completley in the same boat! Need job, get interviews then blow it on the day. Blew a fantastic opp last week although do have another interview next week. Try to stay positive. Really suggest getting feedback. I hate hearing it aswell but it does help for the next time round.

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