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Arghhh! How do i fill in flexible working hours form???

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Ems01 Tue 23-Jun-09 17:33:01

Help! I work at Morrisons and Im due back to work soon after maternity leave. I have been given a flexi hours form to fill in which i have done on the first couple of sections but i am totally baffled on what to write for Impact of the new working pattern to the business and Accommodating the new working pattern!! I was on a 43 hour week but want to go down to 16 hours a week over three days. I originally wanted 2 days a week and got told by the store manager that nobody in morrisons works only two days a week so i said i will do 3 days.
Does anyone have any advice on filling the form in please?? Thanks.

flowerybeanbag Wed 24-Jun-09 07:54:00

Well presumably if you currently work 43 hours and only want to work 16, the impact is that there will now be 27 hours left that you used to work with less staff available, and presumably they will need to recruit to cover those hours.

Accommodating it could be reasonably easy as in the current economic climate recruiting to cover those hours will be straightforward, there will be no shortage of candidates and the advantage of having 2 or 3 staff covering those hours rather than just you is more flexibility. Alternatively if they are hoping to cut costs at the moment, they could consider recruiting but not for the entire 27 hours, therefore saving some money.

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