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want to get off benefits....Working for Myself from home????

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Evesmama Thu 05-May-05 22:22:54

i am at the very early stages of wanting to set up an ironing business from home.
the I.R website baffles me and i know no one who i can chat to about it.
does anyone here have any advice or knowledge to point me in the right direction???..please..

sahara Thu 05-May-05 22:41:07

Just bumping as I'm sure someone else can advise you.
Plus wouldn't mind knowing a bit myself as that sounds like a good idea

Evesmama Thu 05-May-05 22:46:04

thanks Sahara

i need an idiots guide to it

Evesmama Thu 05-May-05 22:55:13

bumping before i go up incase anyone around who can help

Frizbe Thu 05-May-05 22:56:40

Why don't you pop and see an accountant for a free consultation if its tax type info your after, or try the business link people, who will help you find your way around things?

Evesmama Thu 05-May-05 22:59:54

am just worried i will be a total idiot and not have a clue(thats what 2 years out of the loop have done for me!)

SenoraPostrophe Thu 05-May-05 23:00:09

I was going to suggest the same as frizbe.

Saying that, the setting up part is really easy - you just need to go to the local tax office and tell them you are becoming a sole trader (which is what you should be initially at least).

You'll still get your benefits until money is coming in, but it can be a bit compolicated - you should ask at the job centre. If you're on benefits you may also be entitled to some help and advice via the New Deal.

Satine Thu 05-May-05 23:03:04

I've got two fledgling businesses - one main and a small subsidiary and I went to see an accountant when I first started who had been recommended as being good with small businesses. He told me how to organise my finances, what I could offset against tax and registered me. I couldn't afford for him to actually do my tax returns or keep my accounts, sadly, so I did my first tax return myself and as long as you keep your paperwork in some kind of order throughout the year it's not too big a task. The form is written in gobbledigook, though, so you need to ask for the accompanying guides. But - they people at my local office are really helpful and very happy to talk me through the form box by box and might even come to visit you when you start your business to set you off on the right path. I'd certainly touch base with them sooner rather than later. And your Citizen's Advice Bureau might be able to help. You probably don't need to worry about being VAT registered until your turnover gets into the tens of thousands although actually VAT is far more straightforward than tax! I hope some of that helps. Please if I can help (not that I'm an expert!!) do CAT or email me. Best of luck!

Evesmama Thu 05-May-05 23:05:37

thankyou for that, i have looked on the new deal website and emailed them, but dont know weither ill be classed as disabled/in poor health(PND) or otherwise?

i just feel like i dont know where to start!

Evesmama Thu 05-May-05 23:07:55

satine, i cant cat you?it says you dont accept them?

Satine Thu 05-May-05 23:11:21

Sorry, Evesmama - must be dh's anti virus programme - it stops absolutely everything. My email address is mayheads at

I'm off to bed now but I'll reply tomorrow!

Evesmama Thu 05-May-05 23:12:52


am off myself now but will email you tomorrow.

thanks again

mammya Thu 05-May-05 23:20:19

Hi Evesmamma, this is something I have been thinking about too. The Inland Revenue people are actually very helpful and if you contact your local tax office they can set up a meeting with you and explain everything to you, answer your questions etc. HTH!

mammya Thu 05-May-05 23:20:58

I should add, this meeting with IR people is completely free of charge.

Evesmama Fri 06-May-05 15:39:29

oh thanks mammya

was gonna call there today, but had dd in tow so with give them a call and will speak to connections too

are you thinking of doing the same thing?

uwila Fri 06-May-05 16:19:19

I'm afraid I haven't got much advice -- as finances are not one of our better talents in my house. But, I just wanted to say good luck. And that I think your efforts are truly admirable.

Evesmama Fri 06-May-05 16:21:17 means a lot to hear that as i am very nervous and feel like i am walking into a lions den! i am on ad's at the moment and after 2 years 'not working' i feel like ive laid down and died, so i want to be 'someone' again..not just mum..sounds terrible that, but im sure you'll know what i mean

Evesmama Fri 06-May-05 16:22:02

feel all chuffed that youve said that

uwila Fri 06-May-05 16:43:02

That's not a terrible thing to say at all. I think that everyone needs a purpose in their life to feel a sense of self worth. And of course being a mother is very rewarding, but really sometime you need adult stimulation. I love my child(ren) to death, but never would even contemplate giving up work. It's so much of who I am. And if I lived in the last century where I would have no choice but to stay home and raise kids, I thinkI'd have been commited.

Where are you? I could use an ironer!!!

Evesmama Fri 06-May-05 17:16:05

middlesbrough...wait till i pass my test and ill pick can be my first customer

Evesmama Fri 06-May-05 20:48:44

problem is though i live in an area where most people arn botherd about ironing their clothes so gunna have to advertise further really getting exited about it now and peckarollover is giving me some help too as she's just set up herself

Evesmama Mon 09-May-05 14:42:19

ok...have been getting info on competition and help from peckarollover.
have also just spoken to new deal(work able as i am on I.B)
who made me very positive and gunna come back to me with facts and figures..soo....

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