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Struggling with work

(7 Posts)
giddykipper Tue 19-May-09 22:34:52

No need to reply, just want to get this down to get it out.

DS is having a bad week re nursery, screaming when I drop him off, taking ages to settle. He's been there a year now, was fine after initial settling. Don't know what's unsettling him but I'm struggling with it. Don't want to go to work, want to stay at home with him and make playdo sausages.

SOLOisMeredithGrey Wed 20-May-09 01:07:02

You have my sympathy. I feel very for you.

flowerybeanbag Wed 20-May-09 09:07:01

Hi giddy! Sorry you're having a rough time. I don't have much in the way of words of wisdom, just sympathy really.

Is staying at home an option? How about a different childcare setting? Obviously if he's normally happy and it's only been a few days maybe he's just having a bad week, but if it goes on maybe consider something else?

I don't know if you are willing/able to consider a nanny, for example? I'm just speaking from my own experience but ours is fab, and DS is at home getting plenty of one on one attention, and going to playgroups means he also gets plenty of interaction with other children as well.

Wish I could say something else to help

giddykipper Wed 20-May-09 20:43:12

Ooh, thanks for replying smile

Exactly the same this morning. I think it's a phase because he also won't let DP do anything for him, he wants to be with me all the time.

As you know flowery, he's just had his birthday weekend, with lots of attention and treats. Perhaps normal life just doesn't suit him any more.

If it carries on I'll just want to give up on work. I've been going through the thoughts processes around setting up on my own, might just bring it forward.

In reality, I don't think it will come to back.

giddykipper Wed 20-May-09 20:43:40

come to that

Mamulik Sun 31-May-09 17:17:46

yes, stay at home and you never will work again, because of the nursery, than school...

janx Tue 02-Jun-09 09:06:58

You have my sympathy. I have been back 6 months and ds is still unsettled in the mornings - like your ds he wants mummy all the time. I havn't felt that happy at work, but don't think I could stay at home 24/7/ I am sure it is just a phase - my ds stops crying pretty quickly after I have gone...still doesn't stop me feeling torn

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