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Nurseries in Cardiff

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Edith Tue 22-Apr-03 16:32:57

Our first baby is due in August. Can anyone recomend any good nurseries in Cardiff? Childcarelink does not cover Wales. We'd plan to be putting him in nursery at around 7 months.

We liked the Acorns chain (Duffryn) in general but had one niggle-we saw one child drinking from a bottle while propped up on cushions (she was supervised, and looked about 9 months old). We don't know that much about babies and apart from that the nursery looked great.

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Bron Tue 22-Apr-03 21:24:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MUM2ELA Wed 23-Apr-03 15:26:34


I am new to this forum but quite excited!

I have been looking for nurseries in Cardiff today (whilst I should be working!). My dd is nearly 8 months and I would like her to go to nursery for a day a week.

My little sister used to go to Jigsaw on Ocean way and it was really fab. They would take them on walks, visit the library etc. Every day she would have a little report saying how her day went - they genuinely cared! Thing is its quite pricey - £36 per day.

If you live / work near the city centre, the University has a nursery (I may use this one, as its where I work), but they favour staff and students first. I had a little look at the Acorns nursery on Park Grove at lunch time and it looks really nice. They were very helpful when I rang yesterday.

Dd goes to the creche at David Lloyds once a week. They are lovely there but my opinion is that, for the money, you can find a nicer one.

I rang the Acorn nursery in Duffryn yesterday, because it isn't too far from where I live, and they were quite helpful.

Re: baby holding their bottle. My ddholds her own bottle most the time, with me sat next to her / her on my lap. I think its ok. Is this wrong?

piasmum Thu 24-Apr-03 10:18:42

Hi, I'm a cardiff mum (and a university one)and would sy go for Acorns if you can as they are the most reliable, if more expensive! Have to say I chose not to use the uni one as though it's cheap I thought it was a bit grotty, they mess you around with places etc..

If it helps, ones to avoid are Nazareth House, Ninian Nurseries, Tylisiau Bach, Noah's Ark and playbox. This is not just my opinion, i have a friend who does the inspections, who has passed on horror stories! Apparently it's very hard to close a nursery down.

Would also recommend you get in early as waiting lists are mad sometimes and the deposit may seem a lot but it's nothing compared to peace of mind!

Don't worry about the bottle, I was delighted nursery got dd to feed herself!

guddy Thu 24-Apr-03 10:47:02


my ds used to go to ninian mursery (roath park one)when he was 6months till he was year and a half.we moved from cardiff after that.never had problems but they were not very flexible with dates or timings.
would appreciate if u could pass on anything concerning ninian nursery coz we r planning to move back to cardiff and was thinking of putting ds and dd back to the same nursery.
any good nurseries around roath areas?

guddy Thu 24-Apr-03 10:47:51


my ds used to go to ninian mursery (roath park one)when he was 6months till he was year and a half.we moved from cardiff after that.never had problems but they were not very flexible with dates or timings.
would appreciate if u could pass on anything concerning ninian nursery coz we r planning to move back to cardiff and was thinking of putting ds and dd back to the same nursery.
any good nurseries around roath areas?

emsiewill Thu 24-Apr-03 11:15:57

Hey all you Cardiff mums - never realised there was so many of you! Just wanted to butt into this thread to let you know that there's (probably) going to be a meetup in Cardiff (ASK) on 17th May - we had one on 5th April, which went well, and would be great if any of you fancy coming along. See the "Calling Cymru" thread for more info.
Right, I'm off to leave you to your nursery talk. (I'm in Newport, btw)

piasmum Thu 24-Apr-03 13:50:12

Basically ninian Nurseries got closed down a few years ago for things to do with overcrowding and "incidents" to do with staff handling of kids. They reopened with a new name...Friend has commented on filthy state of nursery, inappropriate, cheap food fed to kids (those 5p bags of crisps given to 6m olds), concerns about safety of equipment, toys available. Obviously some of this (food/cleanliness) isn't going to bother some people and Ninian is cheap and convenient. There's a baby Acorns in Roath, Little People at Fitzalan Place, there's a nursery called Heathlands on Allensbank Road, which is nice, also quite small, but apparently the owner is a cow (actually, is it just me or are nursery owners deliberately unhelpful at times?), also Playpen on St. Agnes Road.

KIngs monkton School Nursery takes them from 2 if they're dry and that's good (also only £95 per week for a full time place!)

The problem with nurseries is that so much is down to personal preference, and some nurseries are cheaper which makes them a more realistic option if wages are low, (which in Cardiff they often are!)

Should add that friend is very careful what she lets slip, suspect we might not get the full story. Also it's a bit unsettling that her DD is looked after by her mum because she wasn't really happy with any of the places near her that had a space!

Bron Fri 25-Apr-03 09:44:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

guddy Fri 25-Apr-03 11:16:56

thanks piasmum & bron.
will be moving back to cardiff in july.would check out for little people in fitzlan place-accessibility by public transport.
bron-where about is david llyod is that the one in the gym at newport road?

piasmum Fri 25-Apr-03 11:38:15

David LLoyd is on Newport Road, but you get to it from Ipswich Road by Sainsbury's on Colchester Avenue. The nursery is called Asquith court.
Good luck with the move back.

jac34 Fri 25-Apr-03 12:02:33

My DS's (now 4yo) have been in "Lilliput Day Nursery", since they were 9 months old.
It's at the end of St.Agnes Road, in Heath, in the Government bulidings.
It's for local government and Assembly staff, until 2yo, but private places are available after that.
I've always been very happy,and it was the best I saw when, I started looking, also cheaper than Acorns, plus as DH is local gov. we also get subsidised places.

Jenzaza Sat 03-May-03 23:12:55

Hi there! New recruit for the welsh contingency - pregnant with 1st (etd 21.07.03) & live in Cardiff with dh and cat
Anyone going to NCT sales in roath on Sat 10th? Currently in a pushchair/cot dilemma and Mothercareworld on Newport Rd didn't have a great selection....any suggs?

GS23 Wed 14-Feb-07 09:03:30

My son and I are in the process of opening up a nursery on Rhydelig Avenue, in the Heath. It's currently going through the planners for a change of use etc.. It will be going through a complete refit, so will be superb when completed. Will update you with you the whereabouts etc closer to the time of opening - Aiming for late spring..

Has there been anything that the nurseries in and around Cardiff aren't offering, that would benefit either the parents or kids? I'm hoping to be slightly unique in the area, so any good suggestions would be welcomed..

Fillyjonk Wed 14-Feb-07 09:14:43

lilliput are absolutely fantastic, my son was there for about a year before I became a SAHM.

they have some private places

omgomg have just realised something abut this thread omg!

NNEB Fri 01-Aug-08 09:09:27

I am a nursery nurse who has worked in 3 day care settings over the period of 9 years. The first 2 nurseries i adored as both had a fun caring and learning environment! My third employer was nazarath house! I would like to say i was shocked at the standards of care. I lasted 3 months at the nursery and couldi could no longer work at a nursery i felt lacked the appropriate staff(lack of qualifications, CRB's plus the management are a JOKE!!) If i were a parent i would never put my child in nazareth house!

carol28 Tue 02-Sep-08 21:17:54

Hi All,

I'm currently searching for more information from parents in what do they like to see and their prefrences in nurseries in Cardiff. I'm currently expecting my first baby and have 9 years experience of being a nursery manager. Originally from Swindon and I'm looking for any ideas from working mums about opening a nursery in Cyncoed, Llanederyn, Pentwyn areas of Cardiff. All ideas and comments, gratefully received.
Much Appreciated

Kind Regards

Mum to be

Bizzymamma Sat 11-Dec-10 21:52:04

Does anyone have any experience of busy bees nursery in Ocean way(splott)Cardiff? I'm looking for somewhere for my 8 month old baby- would quite like to know which nurseries are best thanks

RadMonica Mon 14-May-12 14:13:12

Hi there.
I'm new around, just recently moved to Cardiff and joined this group!I have a 17 months old daughter Natalia and I'm planning to put her into nursery pretty soon so I am just reading and reading about nurseries/reviews/options....It seems so difficult. If anybody can suggest a good nursery in Gabalfa area, or even further away, what are the usual procedures before applying for a certain nursery? is it difficult to get in? I am planning to put her into nurseries only for a couple of days/week at first until she gets adjusted...Please any suggestions about good nurseries (where they are treated nice, there is good healthy food and also affordable prices) would be greatly appreciated!
A new mum in Town, Monicasmile

beissan Sat 04-Oct-14 23:01:17

hi gays
i am new here
i have a 16 months baby girl and i may have to put her in a nursery after 3 months or more cz i am moving near cardiff and want to find a reliable nursery for her ! i ve checked the liliput nursery by net and found that it is too expenceive !! is there a good nursery nearby either cardiff or pontypridd which s good nice cheap and i can put my baby in it with n fear
cz i m so atached to her and she never get away from me
i know it will be dificult on me and most dificult for her to be away from me with strangers
i m sooo scared

CHARLOTTELOU Thu 30-Jun-16 11:37:36

Sorry I have had a child in Noah's Ark Nursery since 2010 and am unable to share opinions with piasmum. Since 2003 they must have picked up tremendously as they have a fabulous team of child carers that I have used for both my now 7 year old & 2 year old since my 7 year old was 1.

To be honest, I have never had a bad word to say about this nursery in all the years I have known them and am amazed on how cheerful/supportive they've remained throughout the days/weeks given they don't have the easiest of jobs.
I have also noticed within the last 6 years that staff turn around has been minimal with only one not returning after maternity leave and this has helped the children provide comfort in their surroundings/staff.

Defiantly worth a look as you'll be foolish not too.

CHARLOTTELOU Thu 30-Jun-16 11:39:23

should say children*

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