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What job is term time only?

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cuddlesrus Wed 27-Apr-05 20:28:37

And doesn't involve working with kids?

Don't get me wrong I love my own but I couldn't work with others IYSWIM..

Yorkiegirl Wed 27-Apr-05 20:29:22

Message withdrawn

allatsea Wed 27-Apr-05 20:30:12

there's always admin type positions at schools

cuddlesrus Wed 27-Apr-05 20:30:33

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Yorkiegirl Wed 27-Apr-05 20:30:43

Message withdrawn

cuddlesrus Wed 27-Apr-05 20:31:04

allatsea, I can't type!

Blossomhill Wed 27-Apr-05 20:31:06

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

nailpolish Wed 27-Apr-05 20:31:26

university library or canteen? admin?

Flossam Wed 27-Apr-05 20:32:29

Nurses can sometimes do term time only work. They tend to be term time only wards, mon - fri. I don't know that they work all that well all the time, but jobs may be available there for health care assistants? You don't need qualifications in nursing but they would expect you to work towards an NVQ. Also have you considered temping? Work assignments are usually for x amount of weeks so may well fit in with term time?

stitch Wed 27-Apr-05 20:32:36

i know people who thnink that teachers stop working when kids walk out the door!

stitch Wed 27-Apr-05 20:33:19

sorry, thats got nothing to do with this. realised after id posted

cuddlesrus Wed 27-Apr-05 20:33:56

Going by these answers, does anyone know what sort of admin would be involved in a school admin position. It might be worth retraining if I knew what was involved.

Haven't much exp. in this field but willing to learn.

grumpyfrumpy Wed 27-Apr-05 20:42:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dancey Wed 27-Apr-05 22:22:31


I work as a Performing Arts Administrator in a school. It's term-time only. I devise timetables for pupils extra curricula activities, write letters to parents, phone calls etc... I am also responsible for the publicity and promotion of any plays and performances they put on. Therefore, I write articles and take pictures for the paper and design posters. It's a varied role, quite interesting, badly paid though.

I wasn't trained as an administrator beforehand, but I learnt on the job. It was advertised in the local paper. Hope this all helps
Good Luck!

cuddlesrus Thu 28-Apr-05 08:21:48

Thanks dancey that sounds like a fun job!

I know what you mean about badly paid, any non teaching jobs I've seen advertised for working in a school term time are really badly paid. And as we get family credits I'd lose some of it when I start work, so I'd be almost working for nothing.......but finding something well paid part time and term time only seems to be impossible.

miniiq Thu 28-Apr-05 20:26:05

Hi Cuddlesrus

I work part time selling children's education and stimulating books, toys and games for a company called Mini IQ. As it mainly involves him home parties I can pick and choose the dates and times that I want to do, I work on a self employed basis so there is no pressure at all from Mini IQ to a set number of hours per week/month.

Not sure if that sort of thing would be of interest to you.

doonsey Wed 04-May-05 11:11:35

I found it easier to work from home and fit the work around my family commitments. Take a look at this - it's the perfect job for all parents and you can pick and choose what hours you work and when, you are not under any pressure at all!

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