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fairycakes Wed 27-Apr-05 12:36:57

can anyone answer this for me?

how do you qualify for them?

do you have to work a minimum/max amount of hours?

what is the earnings cut off point before you qualify?

basically, i am working 21 hours a week at the moment in order to earn enough money to make up the 400 i was getting as maternity pay. i really dont wnat to work this many hours, and a friend mentioned that she was recieving WFTC and only working 16 hours - i was wondering if i reduced my hours would i qualify and would that then make up the difference in the money that i would lose from reducing my wages.

we already get about £20 a week on tax credits, and we do have a low income, but appreneltly not low enough for WFTC when i informed them that i had gone back to work.

thanks xx

essbee Wed 27-Apr-05 12:39:36

Message withdrawn

essbee Wed 27-Apr-05 12:46:47

Message withdrawn

fairycakes Wed 27-Apr-05 19:41:08

thanks think we may just scrape the barrel on that one good news! x

essbee Wed 27-Apr-05 22:05:53

Message withdrawn

ja9 Wed 27-Apr-05 22:16:53

i'm sorry but i cant see on the link where to find out what the earning threshold is.... is it £12-15K as was stated earlier?

essbee Wed 27-Apr-05 22:22:31

Message withdrawn

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