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What shall I do???? (a bit long)

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lunavix Thu 21-Apr-05 14:58:28

I have a mini dilemma. I work nights in a supermarket (which I HATE HATE HATE!! I've been a manager in retail before and I can't describle how dull that was, never mind how dull it is now being the mere sales assistant!) and dp knows it's getting me down, it's really not challenging at all and really a struggle to leave my family and go, but we do need to money.
I've recently registered as a childminder, which is the plan to do full time (and dump the evening job) but in the few months since I registered I've had one phone call. I've tried advertising, leaflet dropping everything but there just doesn't seem much call for it atm.

I saw a job advertised today for a supervisor at an after-school club, and the pay would be enough for what I'm earning currently, plus enough to put ds in a childminder while I'm there. It's only 16 hours a week, which is what I do currently, but I'd have my evenings back and doing what I want to do - working with children.

But then MIL has offered to have ds for those hours a week! (3 - 6) which means the pay would be FANTASTIC. The job itself isn't ideal, quite far away and also I doubt I'd get it - it says you don't need much experience but I only have experience as a parent - but it has got me thinking.

Childminding is the best option for us atm - we need a full time income for me - but I can't afford to just not work and wait around for the phone to ring.

Working afternoons would be perfect - but what if I then got an offer to mind a child? I'd feel so bad just throwing the job in to childmind at short notice.

And then I wonder if I could cope working and leaving ds - but thinking about that I know the space would probably do us both good!

Any ideas?

Working with children is the only thing i really want to do, plus I'm not actually qualified for anything...

nailpolish Thu 21-Apr-05 15:03:44

it sounds like you do need to have a bit of freedom (nothing wrong with that!) i would ditch the childminding. maybe its a shame on the family who have already called you, but you need to put your priorities first. apply for the job and see what happens. maybe call them and ask what they are looking for? tell them you would like an informal visit - they will be impressed!

just my humble opinion

nailpolish Thu 21-Apr-05 15:05:48

also, i work in a hospital and i know they are always looking for play assistants, even health care workers for different shifts in the childrens wards

if you fancy it, give the human resources call at your local hospital. you could do nights, and MIL could babysit while you have a sleep in the morning or if afternoons are better you could do, say, a 2-8pm shift or something

just an idea

lunavix Thu 21-Apr-05 15:09:25

I've had one call but that was an enquiry they didn't want to use me so I'm not letting anyone down (else I'd wait hopefully!)

LunarSea Thu 21-Apr-05 15:46:52

Go for it. You don't need to make any final decision until/unless they offer it to you, and meeting them/seeing the setting etc may help to make your mind up..

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