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Anyone work full time with 3 children

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kellise Wed 18-Mar-09 09:46:14

I go back to work end May after 8 months of maternity leave with my second child & I can't work part time due to finances and my position in the company I work for.
Although I'm happy to work I do wish I could work part time but have got my head around it that its not possible & now have to get on with it, I do have flexible working hours & plan to take a day off every other week using annual leave to be with my kids as a compromise as I do get a good leave entitlement & dont work too far from home plus love my job. (though would still give it up if I could afford it to be a SAHM)

Thing is I can't stop thinking of a 3rd child in the future, which I know will be at least 2 years away as we can't afford it until then & what if still can't work part time? Are there any mums out there who do work full time and have 3 children?

slipperandpjsmum Wed 18-Mar-09 10:37:45

I have 4 children and work full time (aged 12,7,6 and 9 months). I won't say its easy but then working and having any children at all can be a struggle sometimes can't can't it. I have come across plenty of mums here who have 3 or more and work full time and there is always lots of support from everyone. I find the biggest help is when I put a posting up and someone else posts back that they feel just the same. What is it specifically you were thinking about in relation to working and having 3 chilren?

kellise Wed 18-Mar-09 10:53:02

I guess I just have been debateing in my head whether its doable even though its some time away in the future ( well workign full time with 2 isnt too far away though! shock)& just wanted to feel positive about the outlook as I really love being a mum & do feel I dont want to stop at 2 given the chance but I dont see our circumstances changeing in the future when it comes to work.
Thanks for your response you have answered my question & I do feel good about it now, though any tips on juggling it all for when I do go back are always welcome. grin

kellise Wed 18-Mar-09 10:54:14

ps sorry for all the typos - think not engageing my brain other than the mummy side of it for so long is taking its toll

loggedout Wed 18-Mar-09 10:59:04

I have 3 and don't work and find it hard enough - eg this friday 2 are on a sch trip but I have to collect No 3one from the trip at lunchtime to go to a hosp appt, which means I won't be back in time to collect Nos 1 and 2 at 3.15, and No 1 should be going to sports club at another sch at 3.45....

All I'd say is good luck, and make sure you have enough helpers who can step in if there's illness, appts, etc

PersephoneSnape Wed 18-Mar-09 11:40:20

yes it's absolutely doable - i have three and work full time (and am a single parent, so am technically indestructible!) it gets easier as they get older and you will probably compromise on promotion and career development etc. Have you thought about career change? I'ma civil servant - we're fairly good on family friendly policies/flexible working etc.

OrmIrian Wed 18-Mar-09 11:43:23


It's easy now that all three are at school and luckily DH is also working in a school so can do school run.

I worked part-time for 5 yrs after DC3 was born when DH was working long hours.

Before that I was full-time and that was hard juggling CM, school and work. But doable, if expensive.

kellise Wed 18-Mar-09 13:00:23

Thanks for all your responses. I'm sure it would be hard work but also know it will be worth it, also I was thinking you never know where you'll be in 2 years time & I may be in a position to look for a part time job or who knows might have even changed my mind. But at least I know I wont be alone, thanks ladies.

paolosgirl Wed 18-Mar-09 13:20:49

I couldn't. I work p/t, with a half hour drive at either end of the day, and no family or outside help, so dh and I struggle with him working f/t and me working 3 days a week. Our youngest is nearly 2, and the other 2 are 9 and 11, and at 2 separate schools so it's a nightmare dropping them off at 2 different schools and a nursery and then the same at the other end, followed by the commute. I've actually pulled out of a job interview today because it was f/t - at this moment in time I coulnd't face it.

I would say that if you did decide to go for it, and you could afford to pay someone to clean etc, and had family who could pitch in and help with the pick ups etc and taking them to the various afterschool things that they might want to go to, then go for it.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 18-Mar-09 18:27:53

i have had 2 jobs with 3 children and my mb worked 5 days a week

it is doable for the mum - but having a nanny and a cleaner makes life much easier

scarrow Tue 02-Jun-09 19:24:23

I found it incredibly difficult and then gave up even on part time. OH works shifts and we have no family. Also live in very rural area so all jobs involve at least 1 hour drive.

Work always wanted more hours. School always sending children home or some other problem.

I gave up. Now feel why did I bother to get a degree and then a proffesional qualification?

violethill Tue 02-Jun-09 21:10:09

Yes - perfectly do able, especially as they get older.

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