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Any hairstylists out there who've done an advanced cutting course?

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JumpingDizzy Tue 24-Feb-09 12:37:09

I'm a qualified hairstylist (nvq 1 & 2) but am presently a sahm.
I'm wanting to work part time soon but I've only been doing family and friends hair so think I need to refresh my cutting skills. I am good at cutting but I think this would give me confidence. I'd also like to do a long hair styling course.

I've looked at other working options but think I should use the skills I have until something else comes up. I'm hoping to retrain in another field.

Has anyone done an advanced cutting course and if so where? We have a Saks academy in town but I'd like to know where else is good. Plus I haven't heard back from them? I'm in the north east so preferably within easy reach of here.


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