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Working five evenings

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boytwo Sun 11-Jan-09 22:04:40

I've been mainly sahm since i had ds2(now almost three), worked two evenings term time only for a year(temp contract) then for last few months been doing three school days.
The current job is temp and will finish soon (thank god its really boring and i have to rush around like crazy to get to/fro school nursery and get only £240 after nursery fees as a thank u!!)
I've seen a job which i am well qualified/experienced for BUT its five evenings a week. I loved working evenings before but not sure about doing five. It would be 800 quid take home so lot more money and would be around for school hols/run and ds2 could go to preschool BUT wouldn't see ds1 much in week or DH (who thinks cash would be great)
Can anyone give me some advice please?

violethill Sun 11-Jan-09 22:50:25

Personally I wouldn't do five evenings. It may fit around the children, but you'll get next to no time with your DH. And assuming he works full time, it means he's coming home to doing all the evening routine singlehanded which is a lot really.

The money may be better but there's more to life than that. Can you not go back to 2 or maybe 3 evenings?

boytwo Sun 11-Jan-09 23:05:52

thats my worry though he's quite happy to bedtimes etc but you're right we will have limited time together. But been looking for decent paid evening job since last may! thinking maybe i could change hours once i'd been there are a bit? it's public sector so good leave/bank hols etc

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