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Does anyone know of a job I could do from home for maybe 10 hours a week with a 14 month ds in tow??

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dropinthe Thu 31-Mar-05 08:57:38

I really need some spare cash-I currently work two evenings a week and most Saturdays and Sundays but dont get much a month-Dh is going through a lean time at work and I really want to help out but am at a loss as to what I can do. I'm already an Avon lady and dont earn much from that-any ideas would be gratefully received!!

Keane Thu 31-Mar-05 09:01:34

I was going to suggest avon!

marthamoo Thu 31-Mar-05 09:13:32

Jimjams put some ideas on a thread the other day - I think it was called working from home. Phoenix cards, Usborne books (I know a few people who do both of those). I'll try and find a link for you.

marthamoo Thu 31-Mar-05 09:14:51

there you go

dropinthe Thu 31-Mar-05 13:50:59

Thank you Marthamoo-anyone got any other ideas-has anyone tried proofreading??

morningpaper Thu 31-Mar-05 13:54:26

Keep an eye out for job as secretary for clubs and schools - pays around £6-8 per hour and is evening work. I have just got a friend two jobs doing this!

QueenEagle Thu 31-Mar-05 13:55:06

I was interested in proof-reading and sent off to a company who advertised in the Daily Mail. I got all the stuff back and it said I had to do a course, take an exam and pay for it all myself! I ditched the idea. Somehow I just thought I'd have a test to make sure I was up to the job and that would be it, they'd send stuff for me to "mark" as it were.

How about Dorling Kindersley books. You could be a rep for them and do parties in peoples homes similar to Ann Summers. Oooh there's a thought how about Ann Summers?

stitch Thu 31-Mar-05 13:55:44

depends on what you fancy doing. there is the virgin vie thing. also pampered chef.
also, have you though about domestic cleaning? its cash in hand, and yo will probly, be able to take your baby with you.

wild Thu 31-Mar-05 13:57:50

have you done proof-reading course? I think ?Bookhouse do some. you need to be familiar at least with the symbols and if you are approaching a publisher try to get some idea of their house style. Don't worry too much if you have not done course tho. When I worked for pubs we gave new freelancers a short test so be prepared for that in case.
Other ideas .. ironing .. i know .. pays in cash tho

dropinthe Thu 31-Mar-05 14:09:27

Thank you for those ideas-I had to laugh at the ironing one-you should see the piles Ive got!!

desperatehousewife Thu 31-Mar-05 14:12:18

Not very sexy, but I discovered a solution that is working for me.

I have become an Authorised Distributor for a company called the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, and work when I like, fitting it around picking my son up from nursery and housework!

It’s not a get rich quick scheme by any means, but lots of people are using income from it to pay for specific things, like a holiday, car, help with bills etc.

It’s ever so easy – the company provides low cost telephone calls, domestic line rental, good mobile deals, low cost but fast broadband and the UK’s cheapest domestic gas and electricity.

All you do is recommend friends and colleagues to the services and you get rewarded.

First you get paid a cash bonus for each service someone signs up to – then the good bit – every month you also get paid a percentage of that customer’s spend. So…one sign up and you get paid each month for that one piece of effort!

They are a very successful company listed on the stock exchange - they manage to keep customer prices low due to the fact that they don't spend millions on advertising every year - they rely on word of mouth.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, the company runs two day training sessions across the UK and there is a one off joining fee of £199 (refunded within 3 months if you find it’s not for you!)

I paid my £199 this gave me a two half day course locally and lots of local support if i needed it, and a box of marketing literature. Plus and easy to follow 'how to' manual.

Incidentally, this is one business where women, and that includes full time mums, have achieved significant targets!

I've got my whole family signed up to the cheap phones - and it means that we all talk to each other for free now which is fab. I got all my friends and family on cheaper gas and electric too and I get a percentage of their spend every month.

My monthly phone bill is on average £12 per month. My gas and elec bills have also gone down by quite a lot - £40 gas and £25 elec on average per month.

So even if being a distributor isn't for you, why not become one of my customers and get cheaper phone/gas/elec - there are no tie in periods - if you prefer British Gas and BT, then you are free to go back to them!

dropinthe Thu 31-Mar-05 14:28:33

What happens when you have exhausted your friends and family?? I also havent got any spare money to pay for courses

desperatehousewife Thu 31-Mar-05 14:37:11

basically the target market is endless! My dads a bit obessesed with this now and literatlly tells everyone he speaks to! He's even taken a small ad out in the local paper to get new customers! bizarely it's working too!

You could speak to any other mums from toddler groups/school - DPs business colleagues, doctor, the list is endless.

There is a more basic level whereby you pay £50 for the starters pack which means you go and sign up as many people as you want/can and you get a comission and a percentage of their spend.

(the £199 I have paid enables me to sign up customers as above, but also sign up other distributors too - therefore I end up getting a percentage of their customers' spend as well).

Otherwise, if you want to simply sell it in to your friends and family and pass on contact details to me, I can sign them up as my customers and give you the commission I would have got (£5 per customer, per utility - therefore if they sign up for cheap phone calls, elec and gas that's £15).

Just a thought!

lindat1964 Thu 31-Mar-05 16:52:57

Hi there,

another name to the party plan circuit is Mini-Iq' - selling educational books etc for litle ones - it was set up about a year ago, with people who were involved in Dorling Kindersley (not in this market any more)

brilliant books and pretty new opportunity.


smellymelly Thu 31-Mar-05 17:09:24

Ironing? I know someone who does it, It may not be glamourous but it pays well, and you can do it in front of the tv!

huggybear Thu 31-Mar-05 17:36:34

ann summers?

choose your own hours, earning 40 - 60 quid a party, have fun meeting other adults etc.

i earnt 180 quid at friday nights party!!!!!

(pound sign on computer isnt working)

Lonelymum Thu 31-Mar-05 17:43:25

If you find something and it works out and it does not involve selling, let me know! Sounds like something I could do with!

mummytosteven Thu 31-Mar-05 17:48:28

lonelymum - snap - couldn't handle a selling job and trying to persuade people into things - it's just not me!

Snugs Thu 31-Mar-05 17:56:46

Betterware - ok, so it's selling but you don't really have to push stuff just let the catalogue do the work.

Has the advantage over most similar companies in that you don't have to outlay any cash to become a rep.

I usually make about £40 - £60 per week for 8hrs work (that includes preparing the catalogues, sat at home in front of the telly)

Lonelymum Thu 31-Mar-05 19:30:48

Tell us more Snugs! What does preparing the catalogues mean? Is that putting in the slip of paper that says wehen you are collecting the catalogue back? How do the catalogues get to you? What do you do with them? Do you find it a pain getting the catalogues back from people? Do you have to pay for the ones you can't return?

Jimjams Thu 31-Mar-05 20:13:27

I do lots from home. Am sitting here at the moment waiting for my AQA (any question answered) induction. People text questions, I answer on the internet then get paid per question. Can log on when I please. No minimum hours.

Also do some network marketing- I'm not a salesy type so I haven't joined companies that make me do big sales. 2 of these I plan to provide me with a "proper" income in the next 2 years- it takes time to build up but can be done. Definitely not get rich quick, but certainly build an income slowly and with work and flexibly from home.

previously I have worked for an online homework site with channel 4 (not doing live sessions now).

I know someone who diid proofreading- BUT he had worked as an editor for Oxford Universiity Press before. I think it is hard to do following a course.

I am also training to be a homeopath- but that takes 4 years and tbh is hard to make a decent income from.

I'm thinking about also training as a Raviv practioner as I think that would go well with the homeopathy and the network marketing I do- it's a method of treating dyslexia, dyspraxia etc so is right up my street. Newport LEA have carried out a pilot study and are now training school staff in the method. Just not sure how much time it would take......

Jimjams Thu 31-Mar-05 20:15:28

heres AQA'a website. I had to take a test and send in a CV.

Snugs Thu 31-Mar-05 20:21:11


Yes, by preparing I meant putting the slips in. I print my name and number using the computer, some people write them by hand or get a rubber stamp made. You also have to make up the orders when you receive your delivery.

My area manager visits me once a week - to deliver my order (complete with a supply of carrier bags), collect money from previous order and to top up my catalogues if I need more. Catalogues don't cost anything. You lose more of them at the beginning but as you get to know your territory, you avoid the houses who don't return books.

You only pay for stuff after the customer has paid you.

dropinthe Thu 31-Mar-05 23:13:25

Snugs-what rate of commission do you get??

lilsmum Thu 31-Mar-05 23:17:25

jimjams... whats this about?

<<<<Am sitting here at the moment waiting for my AQA (any question answered) induction. People text questions, I answer on the internet then get paid per question. Can log on when I please. No minimum hours.>>>>>>>>

sounds interesting how you get into doing that?

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