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Is it a struggle on one person's income?

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juicychops Tue 29-Mar-05 11:32:05

Im not due to go back to work until December but my paid maternity leave finishes in the next 2 months and im desperately trying to think of ideas to do from home home to make a bit extra cash. But if i cant, is it a struggle on one persons wage? We have tried working out our finances and we can just about pay all bills with my DPs wages but what about going out for the day, and buying DS things and bus fairs and stuff like that? I know people get by but is it a real struggle trying to get by? I havbe a job up London but i really don't want to go back as its too far away and i don't even like the job anyway

Tinker Tue 29-Mar-05 11:35:25

Depends on how big teh one salary is surely? Don't forget to add in tax credits and child benefit and lack of commuting costs.

ladymuck Tue 29-Mar-05 11:40:37

The obvious answer is that it depends on what the one person's income is. If you're used to spending 2 full incomes, then it will be a shock. If this is your first child then yes, I am afraid that ds will continue to need clothes and stuff for a while yet (eg a bed!) (assuming that you've already forked out for highchair, stairgates etc).

But it can be done. You sound as if you have mae a start with your budget. Can I suggest that you keep a track of what you spend this coming month (even listing out the little things - the coffee and magazine type cash). Once you know exactly what you typically spend you can start to see what the impact wil be, and what cutbacks you might have to make. There have been whole threads on ways to save money in the past so it might be worth searching for these.

Even if you need the cash you don't necessarily have to go back to your old job (unless your maternity pay depends on it). And what childcare would you need? Bear this in mind when looking at the numbers.

Pinotmum Tue 29-Mar-05 11:45:32

Juicychops, I like you didn't want to go back to working in London and applied for p/time return which was decined and redundancy offered (there had been a shuffle of positions whilst I was off) DH is self employed so we just took it a few months at a time. We have made sacrafices and it has taken almost 5 years to do necessary building works on the house. We have since had another child. I use the child benefit for the children's clothes and we have just applied for child tax credit and hope this will help. I am now thinking of re-training so I can return to work when ds is at Pre-school. We obviously can't have lots of holidays and I feel myself justifying buying for myself. Every month there seems to be something to pay for BUT we have managed and on the whole we are happy.

flamesparrow Tue 29-Mar-05 11:57:42

Yes it can be a struggle - even with tax credits etc, but the real question is.... Is the struggle worth it?

My answer is always a resounding YES. We find it tough, we don't get all the things we'd like (DD never misses out on anything she needs though), but being able to stay home and raise my child (you can tell I'm doing a stellar job by the way I've been on here half the morning ) is worth all the struggle.

tarantula Tue 29-Mar-05 12:09:04

Yes esp when youre the one doing the earning and it all goes in the first week of being paid. I want a job I can do from home

kama Tue 29-Mar-05 12:10:42

Message withdrawn

juicychops Tue 29-Mar-05 12:18:10

Thanks everyone. I want to stay at home more than anything and my DP wants me to as well. If we try really hard we will be ok im sure. But having a little extra would be nice. Im still trying to think of some ideas for working from home. Ebay trading seems to be no 1. Ive made over £300 in 2 weeks by selling a load of rubbish from around the house and my maternity clothes...

kama Tue 29-Mar-05 12:19:03

Message withdrawn

juicychops Tue 29-Mar-05 12:23:26

Yeah, i really want a career one day. we wasnt planning on starting a family this early but everything happens for a reason. i will just enjoy being a young mum first

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