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If you're starting a new job and they say...

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MamaChris Fri 02-Jan-09 09:39:27

"Just pop along to my office when you arrive on Monday - I'll be in from 0800 onwards so whatever time suits you best"

do they really mean I can wander in around midday? (thought not!) or do they mean I need to be there at 8.05 sharp? would 9am look tardy? there are no set hours in my contract.

Podrick Fri 02-Jan-09 09:40:31

Go in at the usual time you plan to arrive in the mornings

MamaChris Fri 02-Jan-09 09:44:45

9am then. good point! if I turn up at 8 on the first day, I'll probably feel under pressure to maintain the early start. hadn't thought of it like that

Podrick Fri 02-Jan-09 09:53:21

Good Luck - hope you will be happy there!
Nice way to start a new year!

MamaChris Fri 02-Jan-09 09:57:07


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