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how will dd be when i go back to work?

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amysma Thu 24-Mar-05 22:57:04

i'm at my wits end. i go back to work in a weeks time and my 5 1/2 month old dd has become strange with everyone. she will not go to anyone without breaking down in tears after a few seconds. until recently she was fine with my mum, who is going to mind her when i'm at work. in the past few days though she has become strange with her too. she refuses to take a bottle from anyone except me or dh and gets herself into such a state when anyone else tries to feed her that it is distressing. we left her last week to go to a wedding and apparently she cried all day long and refused toi eat anything. how can i go back to work and leave her like this? she stops crying instantly when i take her from whoever has got her. my mum is starting to panic now too - it's not fair on her to expect her to cope with a screaming baby all day every day whilst i'm at work. help!! has anyone else ever had similar experience

HUNKERMUNKER Thu 24-Mar-05 23:00:44

She's got separation anxiety, hun - she's realised that not all cuddles are the same - some are from Mummy and Dady and some are from 'other people she doesn't know'. She's just become aware that she's separate from you and is becoming wary of people who aren't as familar to her.

Try to spend as much time as you can with your mum and get her to change nappies, feed, etc. They'll be fine together - my DS gives my mum the biggest smiles now as she plays and plays with him.

She'll get to know other people and become more sociable - just cuddle her lots and play 'boo' games with her - so that you leaving and returning becomes a game.

Hugs though - it's not easy xxxxxx

amysma Thu 24-Mar-05 23:04:40

she has spent more time with my mum than she has with my dh as she only sees him for a couple of hours each night and is usually with me in my mum's house every day for a few hours. i can't understand why she is suddenly strange with her. has anyone ever managed to solve the hungerstrike issue? why will she not take her bottle from anyone else except me or dh?

Abwab Tue 29-Mar-05 13:33:18

Hi, just wanted to offer my support. My 6 mth old ds went through the whole seperation anxiety thing about a month ago but it did pass quite quickly. I couldn't even leave his side let alone the room for about 2 weeks. I get the impression that it comes and goes from 5/6 months onwards.
I am sure that once she settles into a routine she will soon settle taking the bottle from someone else.
I too am going back to work next week (dreading it) so fingers crossed for both of us.

amysma Wed 30-Mar-05 18:50:44

thanks abwab, good to know someone else is going thru the same thing. let me know how you get on back at work.

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