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going back to work in March

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IHeartIona Fri 19-Dec-08 14:12:22

dd will be 1 then, hoping to work 3 or 3.5 days per week. Please point me in the direction of what I need to know about flexible working etc before I arrange to meet with my director in Jan.
thanks very much!

lilyrose123 Fri 19-Dec-08 14:21:10

hi there
i am in process of flexible working app, its been rejected at the mo tho!
if you go on to the ACAS website they have a template with a list of what needs to be included in a flexible working app letter
once that letter is in employer has to respond in 14days, with agreement or refusal, if they refuse they have to explain why and give you good business reasons why they cant support your application, these reason/s have to be out of a list of eight staturtory reasons stated by the law.
you then have the right to appeal.
thats where i am now in the appeal stage i've had to wade my way thru employment law and rights no help from HR at work, but union was helpful.if you have any dispute or problems ACAS have a helpline and can give you advice
hope this helps

Mellin Fri 19-Dec-08 14:43:41

Depending on the size of the company you work for, HR may already have information available and processes in place to make a flexible working application.

At my company, HR has a formal procedure/documentation etc, which I familarised myself with before going to my return-to-work meeting with my manager.

As lily mentioned, if you are a member of a union they will also be able give you guidance on an application.

IHeartIona Fri 19-Dec-08 14:50:21

thanks lily rose and Mellin!

llareggub Fri 19-Dec-08 14:54:54

Think very carefully about how you'll present the business case for allowing reduced hours. You'll need to present realistic suggestions for how the rest of your job will be covered in your absence. Think about any efficiencies that could be made or how technology might help.

For example, I use a blackberry to pick up emails on my days off, so I can deal with any urgent issues. It rarely happens, but the benefits are that I don't have to spend Monday am going through reams of emails, I arrive ready for work.

Basically think what their objections might be and how these may be overcome.

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