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stuck in a rut

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arwen Mon 21-Mar-05 13:15:42

Think Imight need to gt out into the world of work as am fairly miserable at home at the mo. Not good for me or the kids. Only ever worked in child care, have no idea what I could do. Any suggestions?

ursula Mon 21-Mar-05 18:55:36

Hi Arwen thought I'd answer you as I am also looking to get back to work. Is there anything you have always wanted to do? Are you going back to work mainly to earn money or to get out of the house?

arwen Mon 21-Mar-05 19:52:34

to get out of the house but the money would be good. I just don't have any work place experience and couldn't bear typing for hours (also I'm crap) would rather stay home with the kids.

ursula Mon 21-Mar-05 20:38:48

Have you thought about selling books or something -like Usborne? It depends on the age of your kids but you can take them along with you and you earn a bit of money.I used to do it and really enjoyed it, selling books to toddler groups and you could do parties in people's homes.There are lots of direct selling things like that -Body shop etc but you don't make that much money unless you take it very seriously. If you have a childcare qualification could you getting a job as a teaching assistant? Could you help out at a local school to get experience? Or train as a childminder except then you'd still be at home, of course. We're short of money at the moment and my sister, who's a nurse suggested I could do auxiliary work at a hospital - apparently they're usully quite short staffed and some agencies will train you. This could lead to a career in the NHS if you enjoyed it. In my local paper I've also seen vacancies advertised for care assistants in residential homes.

nightowl Tue 22-Mar-05 00:41:22

how old are the kids? if its just getting out of the house you're after could you sign up for a course? i did and use the free childcare at the centre. just getting out for a couple hours one day a week has really helped me (although i have started part time work again since). i could have gone five days a week if i wanted to (would have to be taking several courses to do that!) but it helps with the boredom no end.

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