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hi, need help on deciding between nursery and childminder........

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eleanorsmum Wed 16-Mar-05 16:45:03

Hi. I have been back at work part time for a few months now and dh has had dd during the day when he doesn't work a night shift, but his work are changing his rota which will mean every monday i have no-one to have dd. can't drop a day at work as i only do three days of my old 5 day a week job now! dd is 7months and am not sure about childcare for her, no family nearby so can't try them. nursery seems a good idea so she can do things we can't do at home and see other babies but childminder also seems good as she would be in a smaller group in a homey environment. Anyone got any thoughts or advice for me to overcome this dilema? Cheers ...

Aimsmum Wed 16-Mar-05 16:49:26

Message withdrawn

Preggars Wed 16-Mar-05 16:50:36

I had eactly the same dilemna with my husband doing shift work, and me doing 3 days a week. I only wanted one day a week for nursery, which nurseries aren't keen about (not enough dosh for them).

I opted for a childminder and am ever so pleased with her. I got a list of accredited and approved childminders from the Council and contact several. I met a few and opted for this lady. She's been sooo flexible (the shift rotates each Wednesday), one week it's 7.30am to 4.00pm, the next week its 11.30am to 6pm (today). I don't have any family living near by - so its worked out brilliantly. DS is only 2 and 4 months, and has been with her since he was one. She has kids before school and after school. She has tons of toys and I have pictures from them each week.

Good luck

northerner Wed 16-Mar-05 16:51:25

Hmm. My ds goes to nursery 2 days a week and that took a bit of getting used to for him. I think as she is only going to need childcare 1 day a week a childminder might be the best bet.

eleanorsmum Wed 16-Mar-05 16:51:34

yes just one day thats the problem. have just got a list fo local childcare from childrens ifno services but have yet to trall through and call tham. bit nervous about ti all to be honest!

Preggars Wed 16-Mar-05 17:02:43

You'll be fine. Make sure you ask everything you want to know. I made a list... such as.. where would they sleep for their nap (is there a day cot), etc...

Only go with someone you feel a rapport with and do a tester run for an hour or so.

muminlondon Wed 16-Mar-05 17:48:22

Childminders can be more flexible and you could even use the same one to pick up from primary school or nursery school. I think babies up to two benefit from being around adults and older children more than babies their own age, but after that nurseries do provide a lot of structured play. Childminders can still accompany them to playgroups so they don't need to miss out. They get used to whatever care you choose for them so the important thing is continuity.

Enid Wed 16-Mar-05 18:24:10

I vote for a childminder for under 2's.

fisil Wed 16-Mar-05 18:27:15

Your happiness is the most important factor here. I would hate for ds to go to a childminder because I had such awful experiences as a child, and I am much happier with nursery in every way. Listen to your prejudices and instincts and don't try to override them - you've got to be really happy with your choice!

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