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Do you know any agencies for part time jobs in London?

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Booklover Tue 15-Mar-05 20:48:22

Would love to go back to work part time (previously worked in Advertising Sales for a publishing company) but not quite sure who to contact as most agencies advertise full time or temporary jobs. Does anyone know any agencies I could contact in London? Would also be interested in language recruitment agencies!

webmum Tue 15-Mar-05 20:58:57

Hello booklover,

been down that route a couple of years ago, could not find any agencies specialising in anything, just approach the onse specialising in your field.

As for Language agencies, one is Eurolondon appointments. I used to know loads but cant remember any now.

If you manage to get hold of one those mags that they give out for free at tube stations, like nine to five, there's usually a section on language recruitment, best of luck!!

I eventually applied for a fulltime job and just took my chance, once offered the job to ask for parttime. It worked but its the public sector though

Booklover Wed 16-Mar-05 09:47:07

Hi webmum, thanks for that. Can be quite frustrating this whole part time business. A very brave thing to go for a full time job and to ask for part time, but you are right, my husband works for the public sector and they seem to be much more flexible....keep fingers crossed

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