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going back to work and no idea where to start with childcare!

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roquefortlover Thu 30-Oct-08 14:40:48

Background first - I have just landed my dream job as a nursery teacher, mornings only (mostly) and have 3 children aged 11, 9 and 3. Have been a SAHM and retrained as a teacher for years so have never really had to find paid childcare, except nursery for ds2.

Now, ds2 goes to a lovely daycare nursery 2 days p/w and they have space for an extra day or possibly 2, but that would still leave me with 1 day not covered. Plus I need someone to do mornings with the older 2 0730-0900 (dd has SEN so needs supervision).

So ATM I am thinking:

- ds2 3 days pw at nursery plus 2 mornings childminder if I can find one, plus

- some sort of nice student type to come and do the school run.

My questions are:

is this feasible?
where do i start with finding people esp. for the school run job?

Sorry this is long and clueless but I feel a bit at a loss! Anyone have any comments/experience to share?

mumnosbest Fri 31-Oct-08 11:35:55

Your best bet is probably a childminder, as they're more flexible with times. You'd need to ring around a few and arrange some visits. Find one you are happy with and meets your needs but it should be feasible. You can get numbers from your local childrens info services.
Good luck with teaching and well done! I'm a primary and SEN teacher but am taking a break to be a childminder and SAHM. Where are you, maybe I can help? smile

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