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Where do I apply to be a postman/woman?

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latelateshow Sun 26-Oct-08 23:42:55

OP says it all really!

I have never seen these jobs advertised anywhere so I assume they must have their own recruitment sites

Anyone know?


PhantomOfTheChocolateCakeAvena Sun 26-Oct-08 23:45:33

They normally advertise in the local press, they do where I live. The hours are crap though. I think they also have agency staff. You could phone them up and ask them?

DippyDora Sun 26-Oct-08 23:52:04

here is the job search on the Royal Mail website

The best thing to do is contact your local sorting/delivery office.

The hours depend on which office you apply to and weather you want to be part time or full time.

I know full timers who work 6am - 2pm.
The part timers I know either work 8am - 2pm or 10am - 2pm.
That is for delivery.

If you have a mail centre close to you then you could work inside where they have three full time shifts:

6am - 2pm
2pm - 10pm
10pm - 6am

There are also part time shifts avaliable inside with various hours.


latelateshow Mon 27-Oct-08 00:06:16

thanks very much

I have signed up for email alerts for jobs in my area

fingers crossed!

DippyDora Mon 27-Oct-08 00:07:21

They might adveritse every vacancy on there so I would still contact your local office if I were you.

Good Luck!

DippyDora Mon 27-Oct-08 00:07:49

That should say.. they might not

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