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Shell150 Sat 05-Mar-05 11:57:06

Hi have just decided to go bk to work again, after handing my notice in to nursery where i worked when DD was born they phoned me on wed and asked if i would go back to work fulltime to cover someone else's maternity leave for six months, i Know the girl has no intentions of going back so it will b a full time position for as look as i decided really,

anyways i said yes after loads of talking with DP was all fine, during then day it doesn't worry me DD loves company and if its just me and her she gets grupmy so this will b great for her, Then night time comes and i get so down with guilt that i am going bk to work i wont b the one looking after her etc, i really don't know why i am like this DD will be going to the nursery which i work so i will still see her and be with her, but i still feel terrible!!

I am looking forward to going back to work but i dont want her to feel left out etc i know millions of mums/dads have to do this its so difficult just need some helpful words of other mnetters as dont feel like i get much from DP

purpleturtle Sat 05-Mar-05 12:43:39

just bumping this for you shell150. sahm here, so don't feel I can help much, except to say that you'll see a lot more of your dd, than nearly all full-time working mums are able to.

megandsoph Sat 05-Mar-05 23:08:24

Shell150, hello there hun,
I know how your feeling but you are definetly doing the right thing I was exactly the same as you as a single mum I had to go to work as when my ex h left I had been a full time mum until DD1 turned 3 so yup had to get out felt soooo guilty but found myself a great childminder and the girls absolutly love it so now even if I wanted to stop work and be a full time mum again I would feel more guilty taking them out of childcare and away from all the friends they have made.... Do you have any friends who have been a full time parent and gone bk to work?

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