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You know you're a working mother when....

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sophus Mon 13-Oct-08 13:25:40

...after another monday morning of attempting to get me and DS out of house and off on our way, i realised that i wasn't exactly conducting myself with the sort of applomb i like to think i am capable of. I think it was the overflowing laptop bag (mine), unzipped and full of nappies handbag (mine), dishevelled hair (mine and DS), generally crumpled appearance (me and DS), completely exhuasted (definitely me).

Anyway i thought everyone must know i'm working a mother because...

I was trying to pass off my crumpled unironed clothes as crushed silk/linen
Hair had definitely been washed then slept in.
DS was an afterthought to the number of bags i needed to carry and was being carried slung under one arm.

baffledmum Mon 13-Oct-08 13:28:41

...when someone tells me that I have a mark on my suit shoulder & I reply "oh, that's okay thanks. It's a mixture of snot and weetabix from my DS when we said goodby this morning".

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