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is it really taking the piss to go back to work for three months just to avoid maternity pay?

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lucysnowe Mon 06-Oct-08 09:55:00

Probably. hmm but has anyone done it? how did it affect your LO?


bran Mon 06-Oct-08 10:00:14

I think it happens quite a bit, and tbh companies often don't mind even if you hint or tell them that's what you will do. That's because the most difficult bit IME is organising the childcare and missing your child for the first 6 weeks or so. After that work doesn't seem so bad and I'm sure a fair few women who had planned to go back only for the minimum period actually end up staying.

I dropped a day at the end of 3 months after I'd gone back, so I didn't have to pay anything back but I still ended up working shorter hours. DS was very happy at nursery by the end of two months back at work, I would have had to give a months notice to leave, so that's pretty much when I made my decision to stay.

MoonlightMcKenzie Mon 06-Oct-08 10:09:18

Course not. Thems the terms and conditions.

It would be taking the piss to go back and then fake being sick for the 3 months.

However, is the cost of childcare for 3 months less than the money you got?

My company pay a £2000 bonus for going back to work for a year, but it is pointless imo as an incentive.

lucysnowe Mon 06-Oct-08 10:33:40

Am mostly going back in case there's an opportunity to take another part time job in the same company... also to see what the economic climate will be like then - would like a steady job if it's all gone properly tits up. smile

Realise I am being a bit rubbish to call it taking the piss and then asking for experiences - sorry!

mumnosbest Tue 28-Oct-08 16:49:16

I did it. I work in a school and the last 6 wks was summer hols. I guess that really is taking the piss blush

stillstanding Tue 28-Oct-08 16:59:31

Of course it's not taking the piss.

And your reasons (if you need any) for going back are excellent ones.

stillstanding Tue 28-Oct-08 17:01:00

Of course if you really you want to go back part-time perhaps you should ask them what opportunities are available so you can do that straight away without going through the motions?

Howlingbellyofbeelzebub Tue 28-Oct-08 17:03:24

I was going to do that but in the end changed my mind and we were ready to pay back the money but my employer ended up waiving the maternity pay I owed which was really kind. I know my sister went back as a teacher for just the required time and it worked ok but was really tough on her organising childcare and missing her little one etc.

ephrinedaily Tue 28-Oct-08 17:06:05

I'm doing it. Told them I was leaving as soon as I came back. Am doing a mad mish mash of child care though - would've been better to go part time for 6 months in hindsight but I just want to get the HELL out of there It's not taking the piss at all it's fulfilling your contractual obligations smile. .

lizziemun Tue 28-Oct-08 18:39:09

I don't think your taking the piss as you won't know if you will like working and leaving your dc in childcare until you are back at work.

lucysnowe Thu 30-Oct-08 14:22:41

Well I am doing it - over Dec/Jan/Feb - with a mishmash of childcare like ephrin lucky DD is a happy social girl (so far anyway) so hopefully will enjoy it. Part of my reason I realise is to show DH how mad it would be if I did go back to work full time and how much extra childcare he would have to do... wink

ephrinedaily Thu 30-Oct-08 14:25:47

Yes yes my DP looked after the baby full time for two weeks and NOW he realises why the house is in a state and I'm a bit tired at the end of the day grin

DS had a bit of separation anxiety at first but has settled down nicely and am nearly at the end of the three months.

BTW have you got any holiday left? My work are letting me use some remaining holiday as part of the three months back at work i.e I'm only working for 10 weeks not 13 weeks.

lucysnowe Thu 30-Oct-08 14:31:46

Hmm I think I decided to get the cash for vacation days accrued but I will check as it would be nice to have a few more days off at xmas.

DH is going to look after DD for Mon/Tues in December and 'work from home' - will see how that works!

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