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Teaching at home, CRB checks - very confused!!

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conkeyhead Thu 02-Oct-08 19:40:13


Can you tell me if I'm being really thick please?

I'm just in the process of giving up my job and going back to teaching from home - instrumental lessons. I used to do this years ago when the world was a much simpler place!!

I understand that to reassure parents who will be bringing their kids over, I should get a CRB check and so should my other half. I've asked a couple of people and they said as I would be effectively self employed then I would do it under that. I have just had one done for helping out at my daughters school, but I'm told I need to get another one done for being at home working with kids.

So thought this was going to be fairly straight forward, and just logged onto the CRB website and the opening paragraph reads:

"The current legislation does not allow the self-employed or individuals to apply for a CRB check on themselves. In addition, parents who employ a nanny/au pair/babysitter directly cannot apply for a CRB check; however, if an agency supplies the nanny/au pair/babysitter, the agency is entitled to carry out a CRB check."

So does that mean I can't apply? And is it illegal to have kids in my house without getting one, or is it more of a reassurance thing in case anyone thinks i look shifty?

I also had a quick skim through the archives on here and it says something about under 8s and over 8s?

I know there's a childminding rule about having kids for more than two hours - so I wonder does that affect me? My lessons would only be half an hour.

I'd love it if there was someone or even a music teacher out there that could tell me exactly what to do?? Because I feel I must be missing something obvious!!
(and sorry if you think I'm very stoopid!)

Tommy Thu 02-Oct-08 19:42:58

the DSs piano teacher had this problem - I can't remember how she got round it.

I guess tha you might have to do something else in order t get one (voluntary work or work in a school) and then you could tell the parents that you were CRB checked - not sure if that strictly legal though hmm

conkeyhead Fri 03-Oct-08 16:46:14

Well I have been checked for school, but I don't know if it's the right level or not as I know there are two. The receptionist told me very nicely as soon as my form was back I could take children to the loo!! (have no wish whatsover to be taking other people's children to the loo - have enough mess with my own!!)

But that makes me think it must be good enough?

What I really need to know is, am I legally allowed to teach without a CRB check? Or is it just a reassurance thing for both sides?

Might just have to get organised at the computer during working hours so I can phone CRB rather than pestering on here!! wink

nannynick Sat 04-Oct-08 17:53:35

Musicians Union: Teaching - looks from this article that if you are a member of the Musicians Union you can get a CRB check done via an umbrella body they have an agreement with. Could be worth investigating what the Union has to offer, as they may have other services you need, such as public liability insurance.

nannynick Sat 04-Oct-08 18:13:34

Doubt you would get any help from the CRB themselves.

Your current CRB disclosure from the school (of which you should have you applicant copy) will detail what level it is. It may be an Enhanced Disclosure which is suitable for working alone with children. CRB checks are non-transferable between jobs - however a new employer could decide to accept a previously done check, so in your situation it would be up to the parents to decide if they wanted to accept the check or not.
No idea about if you have to have a disclosure or not to be able to teach from home. I would suggest contacting the Musicians Union and finding out more from them - they may be able to provide initial advice for free, while they encourage you to become a member - or they may want you to become a member first. Their website contains some downloadable factsheets, but you need to be logged in to get those. It isn't clear if you need to be a member to register on the site, so could be worth registering and seeing what you can get for free... and then considering paying for membership if you need it.

From October 2009, the current CRB system is being changed. See this about the Independent Safeguarding Authority. ISA website

islandofsodor Sun 05-Oct-08 23:07:55

The MU CRB thing is fairly new they have been concerned for several years about how difficult it is for self employed music teachers to get a CRB. My dh is not affected as he has a CRB both through other organisations but I would really reccomend membership of the Musicians Union as it includes public liability insurance which you are supposed to have for private teaching.

What you pay for membership depends on your level of income from music so if youare just starting out it won't cost you much.

conkeyhead Tue 07-Oct-08 21:39:36

Oh great, fantastic advice - thank you so much.

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