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what do you do in the school summer hols if you DON'T work?

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sansouci Sat 26-Feb-05 11:30:47

I never thought that I would dread summer but it was a disaster last year, trying to find enough activities to keep dd away from the telly & out of doors! This summer, ds will be 2, dd 5... any ideas?

purpleturtle Sat 26-Feb-05 11:33:20

Make sure that you go on holiday during the school holidays. Two years ago, we went away for a fortnight just before the holidays started. So we arrived back in time for babygroups to break up for 6 or 7 weeks, and all our friends to start going off on holiday. It was awful.

Last year we went away for a fortnight at the beginning of the holidays, and came back to 4 relaxing weeks, which somehow passed much more quickly.

Yeshi Sat 05-Mar-05 12:10:48

Find activities that both of your children enjoy- possibly swim lessons? I agree with purpleturtle, try to arrange your holidays so they 'fit' with other families. Make a list of local places your children enjoy along with places you've never been (this is relatively easy- just dedicate an hour a week to cutting out places in magazines or going online. Also, don't forget projects for rainy days) and by the time your children are out of school, you should have a list a couple pages long! There are more things locally than you know, just give it a look. Here might be a good place to start!

Remember, the sooner you start a list, the longer it'll be.. and, you can keep it and add to it for years to come. Good luck!

Yeshi Sat 05-Mar-05 12:14:47

Also, I just found this other site, maybe it will help!

Good luck! And have fun! (if you find things you enjoy as well, it won't feel so tedious!)

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