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to absolutely HATE going back to work...

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Mine Tue 16-Sep-08 13:50:10

Its my second day back after a year off on maternity leave and i can;t bare it.

I just want to be at home with my gorgeous little baby boy.

Will this feeling of dread, fear and lonelyness ever go away....

Pria Tue 16-Sep-08 14:45:52

Can symphathise Mine I'm back after a years leave tomorrow. (luckily P/T) Every time I look at my little ones I feel such huge guilt.

However I have done it before, tears streaming as I drove away, and yes it does get easier.

If you need to work, as many of us do, then you just have to try to minimise the time you are away. Do you work F/T? Can you split some child care with DH or other family?

findtheriver Tue 16-Sep-08 20:43:14

It's your second day back. Go easy on yourself. Tomorrow will be better, and in a week's time you'll feel better again!
A year is a long time to adjust into a different rythym of living so it's not surprising you're feeling a bit raw. I often think that although a few years ago maternity leaves used to be shorter, at least one advantage was that it was easier to go back to work. I'm sure if I'd ever had a whole year off I'd struggle to get motivated to go back, so give yourself time.

anniemac Tue 16-Sep-08 23:57:03

Message withdrawn

Mine Wed 17-Sep-08 08:25:54

thanks for the support.
I am working a 4 day week with wednesdays off so i am sooo going to drown DS is hugs and kisses today!

I completely under estimated how i would feel going back to work and leaving him.
He's being looked after by my mum so i know he's in good hands.

I look a picture of DS into work to put on my desk but every time i looked at it i felt awful... i just had to turn it around.
He's started to get anxious when i'm not around now so that makes it hard too.

I'm sure things cn only get easier from here. But i just wish i could be a SAHM......... don;t we all i guess.

Thanks again

findtheriver Thu 18-Sep-08 22:21:10

Leave the desk photos at home for now! No point in making it harder for yourself. If your mum is doing your childcare it probably makes it feel harder in a way - my friends who did that seemed to sometimes feel that their mother was taking over the parenting, whereas with a nursery or childminder it feels less like that. I definitely think i would have felt quite weird having my mother doing the looking after. I will all get easier, and if you can get into your job and enjoy it then you may find you're glad to have gone back

Portofino Thu 18-Sep-08 22:30:40

It's so strange at first! You need to give it a while. Think of the positive things. You can go to the toilet in peace, have adult conversations, you can manage your own time. We used to do a friday lunch trip to the pub! Then when you're a bit more confident, smother your cucible/office with best piccys and feel smug when everyone comes to say how gorgeous dc is!

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