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Stardust Kids - Agent, Anyone doing it??

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kiltycoldbum Sat 13-Sep-08 21:31:25

Hi, Ive been looking at the site and umming and aahing as to whether i could be an agent for it and just wondered if anyone had any experience of doing work for them? Are you getting on okay? Do you earn good money? Is it worth the outlay for the kit?

Im desperately thinking of ideas of work i could do from home, i dont drive and will do almost anything but this looks like i would enjoy it as i love baby clothes etc

anyone? thankyou! smile

aoliver Mon 15-Sep-08 15:44:04

I would have a real think if you don't drive, I used to sell Usborne and you really do need transport to get to parties with stock - sorry.

(As an aside if you like cooking and have space for a few kids at home you could have your own cookery club business, it's what I do from home and works realy well, so am now licencing it)

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