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I've just finished my first week in my new job and I think I'm going to love it.

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Sidge Fri 12-Sep-08 20:44:10

It was pretty intense and I've got loads to learn (so much paperwork, protocols and policies!) but I think it's going to be fab!

I'm a school nurse smile

onepieceoflollipop Fri 12-Sep-08 20:45:06

Oh that's great Sidge.

(am a nurse as well but in mental health)

ChupitosGalore Fri 12-Sep-08 20:45:13

sounds great smile

Sidge Fri 12-Sep-08 20:48:47

Onepiece - might need to pick your brains, as loads of MH overlap!!

twinsetandpearls Fri 12-Sep-08 20:50:18

Congratulations, I am also living my new job. It is great feeling.

onepieceoflollipop Fri 12-Sep-08 20:55:37

Is it secondary Sidge?

In the last few years (I am a CPN) we have had an increase in referrals of 16/17 year olds. CAMHS (Child and Adolescent) only see the younger teenagers. Lots of self harm and anxiety in that age group ime.

Sidge Fri 12-Sep-08 20:57:48

It's all schools, from 4-16 (not sixth form colleges) but there seems to be a surge in MH-related work from about 14 upwards. As you said, lots of self harm, eating disorders and risk and offending behaviours.

Sidge Fri 12-Sep-08 20:58:29

What's your new job Twinset? Are you living it or loving it? (or both?) wink

twinsetandpearls Fri 12-Sep-08 21:01:04

living it because I am loving it.

Secondary school teacher, it is heaven.

Sidge Fri 12-Sep-08 21:07:45

That's great! What are you teaching? (Apart from children obviously grin)

onepieceoflollipop Fri 12-Sep-08 21:19:13

We don't see the 14 year olds but what you said was the impression I had. I wonder though if the actual incidences of these issues haven't increased, but people seeking help have? iykwim.

If that is the case, then it is positive, in that there is a very gradual improvement in young people feeling able to talk about mh issues?

twinsetandpearls Fri 12-Sep-08 21:24:08

RE and philosophy.

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