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Thinking of withdrawing an application for a job - would love your thoughts

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Stefka Mon 08-Sep-08 08:55:47

I am looking for part time work - not been having a lot of success. I am a teacher but only one years experience and then had a year out to have DS so am keen to get back into the profession but no jobs have come up. Am registered for supply but nothing happening yet - early in the term I guess.

Anyway I have been applying for freelance jobs and something came up but now I am considering withdrawing my application for the following reasons:

1) The hours are awkward and I am not sure we can manage the childcare. It's mainly evening work but DH often works evenings and we couldn't afford to get someone in. It also means DS being at a relatives over tea time which I think will be really disruptive to him as he is often teary at that time and then when DH picked him up he would probably fall asleep in the car on the way home before he had had his bath etc and also I won't be there to breast feed him before bed.
2) I do a course on one of the nights which I have already invested money and I would have to give it up.
3) I do a youth group another night which I would also have to give up
4) A possible teaching job has come up which I have applied for. The school were not sure about hours etc but asked me to apply. This would be much better obviously as it will get me back into the profession and the hours are much more practical. I have a relative who can look after DS in the day time.

But reasons for still going for this other job:

1)It's a job
2)I can't guarantee that I will get the teaching job

The first job will be appointed some time this week I think. The teaching job doesn't even close to applications until the 19th. I so wish they were the other way around! I don't want to much these other people around by doing an interview for a job that I can't do also I have to get childcare to go to the interview etc which is a hassle. At the same time I don't want to be missing an opportunity for work as I am not exactly inundated with offers right now!

chapstickchick Mon 08-Sep-08 09:05:01

stefka i think you should withdraw tbh the fact you are going to have to stop your evening course and the disruptive childcare is too high a price imo.

i appreciate a jobs a job but it will soon be xmas temp time and maybe you could pick up temporary job there? this would serve several purposes it will give you a taste of back to work life managing childcre etc etc it will obviously give you extra cash and in between you can still apply for teaching posts plus you can add this to your c.v.

hopefully your teaching post will come up and suit you fine but i dont think taking a job thts so disruptive would be right for your return to work.

Martha200 Mon 08-Sep-08 11:27:58

Has the first job offered you an interview?
I'd take some comfort from knowing you at least got an interview but then I would not pursue it any further and go for the other, or take it as sign it was not meant to be, which does not mean the end of a working life btw!

I recently did this. I could have cried because when I applied I really thought I had the childcare sorted, in the 1.5mths it then took to hear I was up for interview the circumstances had changed dramatically and after much thought I phoned to confirm I would not be attending the interview

You have a lot more things to worry about if you did take this first job, so I think it's not worth the concern you have listed.

2babyboys Mon 08-Sep-08 15:00:57


I really think you should let your heart rule your head on this one. Your little one is still young stay put for as long as finacally possible the right job will come along eventually enjoy being a mum while you can they soon grow up and before you know it their off to school. I like you was looking for a job when my DS was around 8 months old I applied for anything that was half decent. I got a job that was 5 morning's a week which meant DS had to go to nursery, like you this was too high a price too pay. I ended up having to ring and decline the job offer a couple of days before I was due to start. In the month's that followed I fell pregnant again so would have been wasting their time anyway! I have now got a job that fit's around my husband's working hours so he is free to look after the boys.

I would hold on till the right job for you comes along there is nothing worse than being in a job you don't like, we mums have enough guilt when working anyway.

Stefka Mon 08-Sep-08 15:40:45

Thanks - I was thinking along those lines anyway but didn't want to walk away from a job opportunity if you know what I mean. I don't think that job is practical for our circumstances right now.

The second job actually called again today to encourage me to apply so that is a good sign!

wonderstuff Mon 08-Sep-08 15:44:51

could you get non-teaching tempwork while waiting? would be better than committing to position you really aren't sure about?

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