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How to explain to 3 year old DS about going back to work...

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Tallgirl Mon 21-Feb-05 21:39:40

I am going back to work pt (3 days) in a few weeks since birth of DD in September. (You may have seen my previous post about the desk situation last week!). I am a bit concerned about how to explain this to DS (3 years 2 months) and how he will react. He has been going to his childminder since i was on mat leave to keep the space open (and help me maintain my sanity) so that is not changing except he will be going longer hours and his baby sister will be going too. When i went on mat leave he was a bit upset at first although nothing had changed with childminder, he obviously realised i was staying at home and was a bit tearful/upset for a few weeks. He has grown up a lot since then now he is a big brother, it toilet trained and is at pre-school. He will also be picked up from pre-school by my parents who will look after him and DD one day a week which they always used to do. HOw much should i explain to him and how much will he understand?

I think he will be find with DD going to childminder as well as he is really good with her and likes to help out and bring her toys etc - except of course when she is crying through his favourite TV programmes!

Any advice would be welcome.


Tallgirl Tue 22-Feb-05 13:37:04

I think the expression is 'bump'.
Apologise as seem to have posted this message twice for some reason.

FairyMum Tue 22-Feb-05 13:47:25

My ds1 started to talk a lot about "mummy's work" when he was around 3. I have always worked,but it was only then he started to show an interest in what I did during the day. He'd ask me if I sang songs and painted like he did in nursery. He asked a lot about my "friends" at work. In the end both me and Dh took him in to work for a little visit one day (I took half day off to get him from nursery) and we showed him around, let him play on the computer and introduced him to our "friends" at work. My colleagues were really kind to him and gave him biscuits and chatted, so he was pleased and now feels really happy about where we are when he is in nursery. I don't thnk they really have a concept of what work is at this age, but I think it's a good idea to take them in if possible. I also think he liked seeing that I had his paintings on my desk as well as his photo.

iota Tue 22-Feb-05 13:54:58

Keep it simple and firm.
Mummy has to go to work now, dd will come with you to the CM and GM and GD will come and get you. You will have some tea with them and play, then mummy will come and take you home.

I had to do it and can't remember it being a problem - I think it's more of a deal when they realise that you are at home with the baby than when they and the baby both go to daycare.

dinosaur Thu 24-Feb-05 12:02:22

I have a three and a half year old and have just gone back to work.

He certainly understands everything about it, so I would explain everything to your three-year-old too.

He's been a bit "off" this week, especially as DH had to take him to nursery this morning because I had to be at work early, but I think that he will be fine.

Good luck with yours anyway.

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