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Am I the only one not going back to previous job????

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Booklover Mon 21-Feb-05 21:21:10

Hello, I am feeling a bit down at the moment. Have just handed in my notice as my employer could not offer me a part time job and I was not prepared to go back full time plus could not face the long commute anymore (at 1 hour/way). Not keen on putting my ds (11 months) into nursery yet but most mums I know seem to be returning to their old jobs and I feel a bit scared now, wondering when would be a good time to start looking for a new job, will it be difficult to find something part time, will they take me serious as a mum and so on.....Just wondered if anyone feels the same or has some advice?!

moondog Mon 21-Feb-05 21:27:15

Jacked in my job (had to really as dh working abroad). No regrets,loved the job,will return to my field one day but at the mo very happy at home with dd (4) and ds(7mths).

vicdubya Mon 21-Feb-05 21:40:15

Booklover what did you do?

I took voluntary redundancy last year and thinking of looking for something when ds is around 2...he is also 11 months.

Most of my friends have returned to work but know a couple of other sahm's.

I do miss my friends at work & the chance to be with adults for some of my week !

I also worry about "coming out of the job market" too...what if my brain dies from staying at home watching too much cbeebies etc!

But am also very pleased to be spending all my time with ds when he is still so small..

Skribble Fri 25-Feb-05 22:12:13

I had two different part-time jobs before first baby, one in a nursery and one as a sales assistant in a high street shop.

I gave up both and although I wanted to return to some kind of part-time work I didn't fancy either of these jobs.

The nursery boss was very unflexable and it would have felt strange to pay for my baby to be looked after and then go and look after someone elses. I never felt like I fitted in in the shop, I was never trendy enough .

When baby was about 5mths I was encouraged to work p/t with a big company that works with the public in customer care, I loved it and I am so glad I got "out there". It was only then that I realised how bad the PN depression had got. I had to act confident and cheery.

Even now I am very shy as a Mum but quite outgoing at work and think nothing of standing up in front of 50 staff to brief them. At work I am not a "Mum" I am me!!!

I am lucky that my MIL could look after Ds at first and it was only a few shifts a week. Wouldn't have fancied a nursery when they were babies.

Take the chance to change your career if you want or do some study to keep you up to date (or advance you) in your present field. If you fancy a change think sideways and think about what you enjoy or a hobby you are good at. There are some genuine work from home options (but lots of scams).

If moneys not to much of a worry consider voluntary work of some kind, often they are very flexable about how many hours you can contribute.

I now have 3 p/t jobs and my own p/t business . I only have the third job because I didn't have the b*lls to phone and un-accept it.

Good luck and have fun .

chatee Fri 25-Feb-05 22:21:38

no,i didn't go back to a job that was being really inflexible and gosh do i feel liberatedi am working in a different job with less hours but more time with my ds and no problems in school hols when dd is at home too...

nightowl Fri 25-Feb-05 23:30:30

booklover, im not going back to my old job. they made me redundant five months into my maternity leave. dd is now 13 months and i was getting so down not so much that i never got a response from people who saw my cv but more it was hard to find a job to suit. i just found out i have a new job. part time, flexible hours, just what i wanted. im so pleased and excited but nervous too! so it is possible!

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