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going back to work tuesday - feeling all mixed up - help!!!

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eleanorsmum Sat 19-Feb-05 13:35:42

I go back to my old job on tuesday on part time basis. I am a retail manager, hubby is having dd on the days i go to work. i have got really used to being at home with dd but have missed work and the adult chat. why am i feeling so confused about going back? i want the best of both worlds and want to take dd with me. has anyone got any tips on how to cope for the first few times. i know it will be fine once i get used to it but tuesday is looming and i feel so down. any tips welcome. Ta.

oooggs Sat 19-Feb-05 14:03:28

I've just gone back to my old job part time (16hrs) after 14mths off. It is hard getting to sleep the night before but once I got there it was like I hadn't been away not sure if that is a good point or a bad one .

DD will love spending time with DH and you are very lucky that you can share the child care.

Keep an open mind and enjoy.

eleanorsmum Sat 19-Feb-05 14:12:20

thnaks. i am trying to be positive about it all. have arranged with dh to be at home mon night as i think there will be a few cuddles needed for me. dd has been told whats happening but at 6mo she has no idea. she has started to get a bit clingy when we are both home but i guess she wont be able to see me so she cant cry for me can she????

dinosaur Sun 20-Feb-05 11:31:29

Hi eleanorsmum. I'm going back to work tomorrow after nearly seven months off with DS3! My tips to think of all the (nice) things that you can do from Tuesday onwards that you haven't been able to do for the last few months, and look forward to your days off with the baby!

The things I enjoy are just really simple ones like sitting on the bus reading the Guardian on my way into work, being able to have a coffee and a chat without having to balance a fidgety wriggly baby on my knee, and having the odd lunchtime treat like doing a bit of shopping (once I get paid), maybe having a facial (ditto!) or even just going for a walk and maybe visiting a building I haven't been to before (I work in the City of London, so there are lots of interesting buildings to visit).

And you say you're going back part time - well you will get to spend time with dd, so just try and look forward to that! She and you will definitely appreciate each other more. I work four days a week, and love having one day off.

And finally of course, if you have internet access at work, you can always come on mumsnet for a chat if you get bored, without having that wriggly baby to entertain!

dinosaur Sun 20-Feb-05 11:32:41

Oh, and my DH looks after my boys, and I can honestly say that DS1 and DS2 were fine about being left with DH when I went back to work, and I'm sure DS3 will be too.

KathH Sun 20-Feb-05 13:56:32

hope it goes well on tuesday. i'm back 3 wks tomorrow after 6 mths off.

paolosgirl Sun 20-Feb-05 14:22:48

I went back to work recently after 2 years of a career break. Dd started school at about the same time, so I was having kittens at the thought of it all.

I had a couple of practice runs where I went through the whole routine as if I were at work, ie dropping them at the childminders/afterschool clubs etc, and then taking myself off for the day. I also drew up a timetable for the week, so I knew what was happening when and at what times.

Once I got into a routine, I felt much happier. There are still days when it goes a bit pear shaped, but that's once in a blue moon. The rest of the time, I just enjoy the adult company and the paycheque, knowing the kids are well looked after. Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine

ssd Mon 21-Feb-05 18:18:41

eleanorsmum, good luck tomorrow!

desperatehousewife Mon 21-Feb-05 18:20:29

ah lucky you - just think you'll be able to go to the toilet whenever you want! You won't have children's tv theme tunes running through your head permenantly, you can get involved in an adult conversation! Sounds great...try it and see how you get on - remember nothing is forever (except your kids!)

beansprout Mon 21-Feb-05 18:25:14

Best of luck for tomorrow E'smum. I'm going back later this year and have very mixed feelings about it too. Hope it goes well for you

dinosaur Thu 24-Feb-05 12:02:48

How did it go eleanorsmum?

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