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this is odd to me...i applied for a job and the clsoing date was 22 aug...i looked on the website today and it is readvertised closing date 8 sept but my application is still in process apparently

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zippitippitoes Fri 29-Aug-08 11:09:12 do i assume i wasn't good enough, do i reapply with a revamped statement or telephone and ask the progress of my application

i havent heard anything from them and i have been looking at their vacancies a lot and havent noticed them doing this before

it is definitely the same job as it is a unique role ie only one person does it it is managing refurbishment of their holiday cottages

it is a very big charity in heritage and protecting houses and the environment

annh Fri 29-Aug-08 11:22:46

They have probably had a poor response to the advert and decided to extend the closing date so they get a number of applicants to choose from. It sounds like quite a specialised job and someone has now realise that having a closing date in Aug, when lots of people are on holiday, has reduced the potential applications. I would call to check that your application is still being considered.

zippitippitoes Fri 29-Aug-08 11:26:04

they only put it back on today

all their applications are online so not obvious how to ring

ie i can log in and look at my application which says in process

it is one of those completely online processes so you cvlick to apply and then eventually submit online

so if they were considering my application they would still want enough others to apply?

zippitippitoes Fri 29-Aug-08 12:21:45

well there arent any numbers or emails asociated with the job section of the website so i think they discvourage contact re applications

oh i hate thsi job business

i had just about assumed this was a non runner but now i dont know

i thought my application was quite good

annh Fri 29-Aug-08 13:47:40

If it was me and you were the only qualified/suitable candidate who applied, I would probably re-advertise because employers do like to have a choice at interview. As it's online, it doesn't even incur any extra costs for them and I do think that the time of year will have had something to do with it.

armarda Fri 29-Aug-08 13:50:25

What annh said

PeaMcLean Fri 29-Aug-08 13:52:22

Sounds a fab job.

what others have said. Time of year is probably a big issue for them.

zippitippitoes Fri 29-Aug-08 13:57:14

well i guess i just wait then

i had just decided that it was another non starter

im surprised they havent had loads of applicants but maybe they have but none suitable

i thought they would have closed the first lot before asking for more

zippitippitoes Fri 29-Aug-08 13:58:19

or an ideal possibly internal candidate missed the deadline and they decided to reopen it for them

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