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Really could do with some advice and opinions please

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alfiemama Thu 21-Aug-08 13:29:42

Over the past years I have tried several jobs working from home as I have 2 little ones and childcare is too expensive.

I have just finished working for a charity (gutted really as really good paid for job) but I have no childcare help at all and little ones where shamefully being plonked in front of dvd's,blush

My oldest starts school in Sept and I will just have the little one at home (he is 2 so no nursery yet).

A while ago I looked at the option of a courier job for parcelnet but it wasnt feasible with the two, well the other night the lady rang me and is looking for a relief worker for now, she is coming to chat to me next week about it.

The job would entail me delivering parcels whilst little one is in the car, is it fair on little one to do this, the lady said it would be about 3 hours a day (a bit more at first as you dont know your route etc).

I really need a job to bring in some extra income but I am at a complete loss as to what to do.sad

I have tried ebay, websites (find I have the sources but not the time to build the site, last attempt was with oscommerce but I was like "whoooaaahhh" and sadly gave up due to it being too hard.
I have tried being a travel agent from home, selling advertising and the last job fundraising but sadly none would fit in with the little ones.

I am so sorry to have rambled but really need advice and you all seem to be really entreprenarial I thought this would be the best place to start wink

PS hubby works long hours so evening work no good for evening work

RubySlippers Thu 21-Aug-08 13:33:32

what about freelancing for charities?

i am sure i saw an advert for Children in Need grant assessors recently

check out third sector

alfiemama Thu 21-Aug-08 14:05:57

Hi Rubyslippers

Thanks for the link, nothing really on there at the mo, but will keep an eye on it thanks.

Dont really know too much about it, I was a findraiser contacting people for homeboxes and raffle tickets nothing as impressive as a grant assessor etc.

MrsSprat Thu 21-Aug-08 14:14:44

I think the delivery job sounds feasible if your LO is okay in the car generally. Is it delivering to homes or shops?

My mum had a business selling products wholesale into shops and I would go with her all the time when not at playgroup. This was from being about 18 months old up to starting school. We'd play loads of games in the car and it was fun for me meeting her customers. I think she did well at it with the additional lure of a baby/toddler [unethical grin] to boost sales too! Lunch-wise and toilet-break wise, we'd either take packed lunches or stop off at cafes.

alfiemama Thu 21-Aug-08 14:22:40

Hi MrsSprat

It would be delivering parcels to peoples houses ie next etc, so I would think would be a quick dash to peoples door (not sure I even like this idea in this day and age, but not sure if would be feasible to get toddler in and out and carry parcels to the door)

I like your suggestions though, it sounds like it did you know harm and was fun. Even though I need to make money I still want to put the kids first.

Im just looking at website builders anyone know any good ones

MrsSprat Thu 21-Aug-08 14:34:20

Yes, I suppose my experience dates from the days of 'easy' car seats and no car seats. Might be tricky if it's delivering to lots of flats, I guess.

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