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omg - just decided to have a look at the Job Centre website.......

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FAQ Thu 21-Aug-08 01:23:20

to see what sort of stuff is available at the moment in my area for between 16-30hrs a week, there are only 13 jobs listed in the last month in my town with those hours!

Most of it is shift work too so childcare would be a major issue shock

So glad I'm not looking to get back to work just yet or I'd be fucked

MaureenMLove Thu 21-Aug-08 01:37:48

School work's the answer FAQ! Could you bear to be in a classroom all day?

FAQ Thu 21-Aug-08 01:40:11

yes I could do that - but that's really hard to come by round here (got a friend who started last September at DS1's school - she'd been looking for 2yrs for similar post and only got this one after spending 1 1/2yrs going in just helping out shock).

Thankfully DS3 is only 15 months, so I don't "have" to go back to work yet - but I know when I was looking for work at the start of the year there was a LOT more than that available - even 30+hrs there's hardly anything there!!!

FAQ Thu 21-Aug-08 01:42:22

loads under 16hrs - but then I'd be in the position where I'd lose my IS, but wouldn't qualify for TC's hmm

MaureenMLove Thu 21-Aug-08 01:49:59

Shit, innit?

I was in the lucky position that childminding was easy to get into when dd was little, so I did that until she went into Yr 7 last year. Started looking for a full time, school job from January and got loads of sorry, but no letters, before I got an interview in March. Got the job and started in April.

Its such a hard, hard decision and transition to make from SAHM to WOHM.

I'll give you a job! You can stamp on my foam for a couple of days! 3 meals per day, plus cake (I'm good at cakes!). Does that sound reasonable?

FAQ Thu 21-Aug-08 01:50:48

ooo sounds fabulous - can I bring my children to work with me??? grin

MaureenMLove Thu 21-Aug-08 01:52:41

Absolutely! I have a 12 year old, who is very good at childminding! grin

FAQ Thu 21-Aug-08 01:54:05

well I was thinking I could get my DS's to earn their meals too by helping lol

MaureenMLove Thu 21-Aug-08 02:02:31

Children get fed for free in my house! My neighbours 2 year old wandered in yesterday, from his back garden and announced that he wanted a chocolate mousse!grinGod love him!

Shit! The Olympics are back on! I'm never going to go to bed, am I?

FAQ Thu 21-Aug-08 02:03:39

ooooo - definitely "napping" on the sofa tonight now that's on grin

FAQ Thu 21-Aug-08 02:05:16

poo - BMX finals delayed until tomorrow because of sh*t weather (wasn't really sure why it was there as a sport until I watched some this morning - it's bloody brutal!)

FAQ Thu 21-Aug-08 02:05:44

ahhh you see in my house children have to work for their food wink

zippitippitoes Thu 21-Aug-08 02:08:25

well i am studiously avoiding having my go at scrabulous after 24 hours or sending an email because i was consiudered too unfit to go up germanys highest mountain fast enough with a group of 30 yeatr old blokes

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