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is it possible to sound as tho you have too high an opinion of yourself when you write your personal staqtement in a job application

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zippitippitoes Wed 20-Aug-08 13:19:16

..i have written one after a huge amount of faffing and angst but i do sound like a pompous twat or possibly like they should immediately ring me and as k me to be interviewed

zippitippitoes Wed 20-Aug-08 13:58:24

and also if you apply for different posts with the same organisation..a large one..but the posts are quite different will you look like a complete loon submitting quite different applications ie what you write in your application is different ass each is geared toi the individual post

pinkdelight Thu 21-Aug-08 08:35:46

If you back everything up with examples of why you're so great, you should be fine. You would only sound pompous if you kept saying how fantastic you were without proving it. But the facts about your achievements should really speak for themselves.

Regarding the two different posts, well, there must be some genuine reasons why you're attracted to both, so again, if these are set out clearly they should make sense of it.

Rhonds Thu 21-Aug-08 12:32:01

Ideally use a covering letter to explain your suitability for each role and keep the profile the same

StealthPolarBear Thu 21-Aug-08 12:34:02

think the only thing tpo be careful of is overestimating how your examples make you suitable
"i have managed a household budget for 18 months therefore would be ideal as Finance Director"
exaggeration but yswim!

zippitippitoes Thu 21-Aug-08 12:39:10

lol yes my budget bit is aboiyut managing a self build house project...tho it is slightly ambigous in the sense that i dont actually say it was my project, but to be honest same skills whether it is my investment or someone elses

ditto owning a shop for 5 years i think

i wasnt totally happy with my application when i sent it

but i just have to keep applying

i was encouraged by having an interview a few weeks ago

it is so hard tho to keep applying when mostly you hear absolutely nothing and i am feeling the pressure of imminent no money building

zippitippitoes Thu 21-Aug-08 12:40:49

cant do covering letters with this organisation they have online form filling only its a very non discriminatory practice i think making all the candidates only use the boxes

tho you hasve a huge 7000 characters for a personal statement

StealthPolarBear Thu 21-Aug-08 12:48:32

sorry that wasn't meant to be a personal comment! I just meant while you are out to impress with your experience (work and other), if you say you are qualified with way too little experience then you show poor judgement imo. Yours sounds fine, tho obv i don't know what you're applying for.
doifferent apps, same careful you don't contradict yoursel or go for anything wildly different as you look a bit flakey, however within reason there's nothing wrong with "i need a job and am willing to consider a range of different things"

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