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Anyone going back to work in November / December/End of year? Or did this last year?

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Enraha Mon 18-Aug-08 17:50:54

OK, I have a question I've just been forcing myself to think about.

Leaving childcare and money out of it. What's the best thing to do with accrued holiday? I'm hoping to go back PT and it will be a new role. It's office-based.

I get 25 days and plan to carry 5 into 2009.

1) Start back 2 weeks after official end of maternity and use the rest of the days to shorten the weeks in run up to Xmas

2) Go back for the 9/10 days I have to work on-time on a new contract and take the rest of the time off?

How long before you go back do you need to sort these things out?

Enraha Tue 19-Aug-08 14:21:54


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