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Anyone want to help me find a job?

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Nymphadora Mon 18-Aug-08 16:16:35

Possibly will be looking at change in career after 10 years in care/learning disabilities/special school. Left my last school in July as I am going out with my boss and the gossip was too much (stabbed in the back too many times!) I have been applying for TA jobs but have been told no experience in MS/ over qualified as I have HLTA status. Only one other Special school and they have no vacancies.

So I have been applying for anything that interests me but no idea which direction to go in. So far today I have looked at Gardening, archieves at the local library , connexions, bank work at local hospital mental health unit.

For now bf will pay morgage etc but not ideal as he has his own house we are doing up to live in and this will put us back (although I can work on it if am unemployed!)

TIA for any ideas!

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