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Would/have you swapped a prof job for a less skilled job?

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Greatfun Wed 13-Aug-08 21:46:18

If it meant you could be with the DCs whilst they were young and then work term time school hours when they are older?

I only ask because I have a PT prof (science) job. It pays enough for 2 DCS to go to nursery and leaves a bit for me. Once they are at school it wil leave me with alot more money. However, its also over an hour from home/nursery/school meaning the DCS need to be in nursery for long days (8-5.30) and I have no idea how I will cover all the holidays once they are at school.

I have to do all the picking up, etc due to the nature of DHs job and we have no family near by.

DH earns enough to cover the bills so we could get by on one wage.

On one hand I think I should hold on to this farily well paid, fairly interesting PT job as it gives me a level of financial security and independence. However, on the other hand I am just not sure it will be worth all the runnign about, the difficuties in finding childcare during the school holidays and the long days for the DCs in nursery.

A career break of any sort would almost certainly mean I couldnt get back into this field and there is no immediatley obvious jobs I could do that maybe linked to this.

mistypeaks Wed 13-Aug-08 22:11:13

I was an admin manager. I moved jobs to a manual labour job on the night shift. Basically it means I am with the children all day so I don't have to do the running around or pay for child care. Initially it was fine (2.5 years I've been there now) as I didn't really want to 'think' at work or take work home with me as I wanted to concentrate on being a mummy. I'm beginning to hate it now. The children are becoming more independant, I can feel my brain cells dying as well smile. I think I'd struggle to get back into my original field at my leaving level, but I am making roads into promotion where I am which I can carry over.

Greatfun Wed 13-Aug-08 22:14:07

Do you regret your decision?

mistypeaks Wed 13-Aug-08 22:17:05

No. Some mornings when I'm rudely awakened after a couple of hours sleep I do grin. On the whole though, I know I have made a decision that is best for our family. I just keep telling myself that I am good and clever enough to work myself back into a better position when the time is right (and that is fast approaching). I try to cling onto the idea of fate having a good plan for me grin.

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